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CA Immigration Consultants Saved As AB 638 Fails In State Senate Vote

AB638.jpgA bill that would have eliminated Immigration Consultants in California failed last week in an 11th hour vote in the state Senate. As a result, hundreds of minority- and women-owned businesses were preserved and immigrants will continue to have access to low-cost, non-legal immigration document services in the Golden State.

Many small businesses offer honest and ethical immigration consulting services, so the defeat of California AB 638 was welcome news. The Senate voted late last Thursday with 13 “yes” votes, 17 “no” votes and the remaining 10 senators abstaining. The bill needed 21 “yes” votes to pass.

 “Since the mid-1980s, registered and bonded immigration consultants have served hundreds of thousands of immigrants wanting to make California their home,” said Bill Anderson, the NNA’s VP of Government Affairs. “We’re grateful that the value of the immigration consultant profession was reaffirmed by the Senate in the defeat of this legislation.”

The bill’s author, Assemblywomen Anna Caballero, D-Salinas, had sought to reduce immigration fraud often perpetrated by con-artists masquerading as “notarios publicos.” But the measure would have done little to stop the unlawful providers and, instead, would have put nearly 1,000 bonded and registered Immigration Consultants out of business, along with their employees.

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Tomasa Sanchez

05 Sep 2018


Hania M Torres

05 Sep 2018

I would like to say; thanks for all the effort, it is true, they should go against unlawful providers to stop the frauds against people who trusted them.

Mike Quintanilla

05 Sep 2018

This is great. Thank you for all your help and efforts.

Ted Ziafathy

05 Sep 2018

While this is a great news and kudos to all involved in defeating this bill, the main issue of current defective B&PC 22440 et al remains pending leaving the door open to Shakedown artists attorney (like the current pending action against ICs), to exploit the code and shake the very same honest and hardworking ICs down.


05 Sep 2018

The effort to eliminate fraud should be geared towards improving the program rather than eliminating it. There should be minimum education requirements for immigration consultants and continued education on immigration matters including courses on ethics. IC should be allowed to work with attorneys to minimize the unauthorized practice of law. There are many things that can be done to improve the program and eliminate or minimize some of the failings so that we can provide trustworthy and ethical service to our clients. Eliminating it would have been a huge mistake because people would not have had access to low fees for their immigration needs and would not have ended any incidents of fraud, on the contrary it would have been worse.

Alma Medina Figueroa

05 Sep 2018

Thank you so much for all the support!!!


05 Sep 2018

We won. I did my part in this matter and i cannot say how happy I feel . We did it. If not passed this would have cause extreme hardship to the immigration community. thank you for your efforts .

Mayra D.

05 Sep 2018

Great News! Thank you!

Ruth Fortuna

18 Nov 2019

Thank God for the news, but have a question this will not affect us in Florida right?

National Notary Association

19 Nov 2019

Hello. The bill discussed in the article is for California.

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