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FAQ: New Idaho Notary stamp requirements taking effect October 1

Idaho-flag-resized.jpgIf you're an Idaho Notary, you need to know about the new rules for Notary stamps in your state that take effect in October. The Idaho Secretary of State's office has reached out to the NNA to share information about these new changes to help Notaries with the transition to the new seal requirements. You can read more about how these changes will affect you below.

How are Idaho Notary seals changing?

Effective October 1, 2018, Idaho House Bill 446 requires a Notary’s official stamp to have maximum dimensions of 2.25 inches by 1 inch for a rectangular stamp, or 1.75 inches in diameter for a circular stamp. The stamp must contain the Notary’s commission number.

What must my stamp contain?

Your stamp must contain the name in which your Notary commission is issued, the words "Notary Public" and "State of Idaho", and your state-issued Notary commission number.

While not required, Notaries may also include the words "My commission expires" followed by the Notary’s commission expiration date. (Notaries may wish to include this information on the stamp because IC 51-115[1] requires Notaries to indicate their commission expiration date on each certificate they complete and sign.) You can see examples of the new stamp format in the picture below.

Can my stamp contain any additional information?

No. Your official stamp may not include any other information than what is shown in the examples above.

Why would I want my commission expiration date to appear in my stamp?

Having your commission expiration date in your stamp will remind you when your Notary commission expires so that you’ll only notarize with a current commission in force. Also, as mentioned previously, IC 51-115[1] requires Notaries to indicate their commission expiration date on each certificate they complete and sign.

Will all Idaho Notaries need a new seal starting October 1?

Yes. All Idaho Notaries must purchase and use a stamp that complies with the new mandatory requirements from October 1 onward.

Can I use my current stamp until my commission expires?

No. You must obtain a new stamp that meets the requirements of the new law and use it beginning October 1 and for the remainder of your commission. The Idaho Secretary of State's office previously issued a memo in May 2018 that stated Notaries could continue to use their existing stamps until their commissions expires. However, upon further review of the law and input from the Attorney General, it was determined that Notaries with current commissions in force on October 1 must use a stamp conforming to the new law. Using an outdated stamp after the new law takes effect could result in your notarizations being rejected.

What do I do with my current Notary stamp?

You must continue to use your existing stamp through September 30, 2018. After that, you must destroy your old Notary stamp and switch to a new one that meets the new statutory requirements described above.

Where and when can I purchase a new stamp?

You may purchase a new stamp from any vendor you choose. You may order and pay for an Idaho Notary stamp that complies with the new requirements from the NNA today and we’ll ship the new stamp to you in mid to late September. If you purchase a new stamp in advance, please remember that you cannot use it until October 1, 2018.

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