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How Many Acknowledgment Certificates Do I Need For 2 Signers?

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I have a document that requires two different people to sign in two separate places (two people, four signatures). Can I use one acknowledgment form for both people and all four signatures?S. R., California

Perhaps. If one acknowledgment certificate appears on the document at the very end, and all signers are present, you may safely conclude the one certificate may be used. If the certificate is not present, the decision to use one or more certificates should be made by the party issuing the document. If all signers are not present, you’ll need to use additional certificates if you notarize the signatures of these individuals later.

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Catherine R. Rodriguez

11 Oct 2016

I had three people sign a document that showed three separate lines for each to sign. I attached one acknowledgement showing that all three signed before me and I notarized the one acknowledgment. I was instructed to have each one sign the form separately and to notarize the document separately. I did not have them sign separately and I did not attach three separate acknowledgments. I was told to go back and have each one sign separately and notarize separately. I did not see a problem doing it the way I did it . I received the document late in the evening and used my own judgment. Was I wrong to have done it this way?

National Notary Association

19 Oct 2016

Hi Catherine. While there is nothing wrong with using a single certificate for multiple signers if the wording will accommodate this option, some receiving agencies prefer a separate certificate for each signer. If asked to do this, it's acceptable for the Notary to use separate certificates.

16 Dec 2016

please tell me where Ii can find in the NNA website the test for the new closing disclosure TRID? I need that certification thank you

National Notary Association

19 Dec 2016

Hello. That information is covered in our NSA Continuing Education Package. You can find more information here:

Thomas Gutierrez

17 Dec 2016

Thanks that was enlighten, it is good to know how to proceed, also it is best to follow instructions otherwise we do a double work, thanks again.

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