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3 facts about the new fee law CA Notaries need to know

3 Facts About The New Fee Law CA Notaries Need To Know

California Notaries are excited about the new law raising fees for the first time in over 20 years. But, don’t let your excitement cause you to miss 3 other important facts you need to know to comply with the new fee law.

Fact #1: You can’t charge higher fees until January 1

The new law that raises California’s maximum Notary fees to $15 for most notarizations does not take effect until January 1, 2017. The NNA has heard reports that some California Notaries mistakenly are charging the higher fees now. Until January 1, you only may charge the current maximum fee of $10 for each acknowledgment or jurat.

Fact #2: Your immigration service fees are also going up

If you are an immigration consultant, the new law also raises certain fees that you may charge for your services. Currently, the maximum fee immigration consultants are allowed to charge for entering information provided by the customer on a set of immigration forms is $10 per individual for each set of forms. This fee also will increase to $15 on January 1.

Also remember that California strictly regulates Notaries working as immigration consultants. Any Notary who provides immigration services must register and post a $100,000 surety bond with the Secretary of State before working as an immigration consultant. Notaries who hold themselves out as immigration consultants may not advertise they are a Notary. Further, nonattorney Notaries may not advise customers regarding their immigration status or the immigration forms they need, or represent them in an immigration proceeding, even if registered or bonded as an immigration consultant.

Fact #3: You must change your advertising notice

If, as a nonattorney Notary, you advertise your services in a foreign language, you know you must post notices in English and the foreign language that include California’s statutory maximum Notary fees. The notice also must include a disclaimer that the Notary is not an attorney and cannot give legal advice on immigration or other legal matters.  If you have advertised in a foreign language and posted such a notice in the past, you will need to update it as of January 1, 2017 to reflect the new fee changes.

If you also provide a fee schedule to clients, don’t forget to update that as well.

David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor with the National Notary Association.


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Rhonda Anthony

02 Nov 2016

Great article!!

A. C. Dye

14 Nov 2016

About California we have over 38 million people...huge area to cover...traffic, etc. and for those of us that are signing will permit charging higher particularly as the loan packages are getting enormous addition to fax backs...time to increase all of us fees...which I do..normally now $115 for notarizing a loan package and an additional $20 for any package over 150 pages...after January the fees will go up...we earn it...

Susan Fife

13 Jan 2017


lupe aguiar

10 Feb 2017

When will u have notary class in Fresno calif.

National Notary Association

01 Mar 2017

Hello. We have upcoming Notary live training classes in Fresno during March and April. If you would like to register, please contact our Customer Care team at or 1-800-876-6827.


22 Apr 2017

I have seen an increase of lower fees being offered by signing even as the notary fee is now $15

Teresa DeJournette

15 Apr 2023

My friend had a notary come to her house and had several documents on wills, living wills etc. 6 in total. The man didn't take one by one. Jumbled all the papers together. Ended up taking hrs. Then charged my friend by the hr instead of 5 times 15...and took out papers that needed witness signatures. Should I report him?

National Notary Association

18 Apr 2023

Hello. It would be up to you whether you wish to file a complaint against a Notary or not.

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