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Can I Administer An Oath For A Phone Deposition?

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A client has a court hearing by telephone with a Florida court and has asked to be sworn in during that phone hearing. Is this possible? L.C., Michigan

Yes, as long as the affiant appears in person before you, you are able to administer an oath to her with someone else on the phone listening.

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phyllis B.Turner

08 Oct 2016

Past Notary for Arkansas.My commission expired 4/18/2011,however,I live in Oklahoma City,Oik and no testing ability is required and they don't attach to joining states.So I was answer some of the questions on the web {opined}.I believe that I just renew commission with Arkansas instead of Oklahoma.I also have review some new changes.In the near future _I hope it will become mandatory that we must wear picture badges with what dictionary of occupational title we perform as: ex.paralegal/lawyer/attorney/law clerk

National Notary Association

10 Oct 2016

Hello. While out-of-state residents may apply for an Arkansas Notary commission, you may only do so if you are still employed in the state of Arkansas. (ACA 21-14-101[b][1]) If you are no longer employed in Arkansas and living in Oklahoma, you must apply for a new Oklahoma commission instead.

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