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‘Greatest Generation’ vets tell their World War II stories at NNA 2016

World War II Veterans share their stories at NNA 2016

Updated 8-12-16. More than 500 Notaries sat in awe, clapped, cheered and cried as five World War II veterans shared their stories during NNA 2016 — and demonstrated the spirit of public service and sacrifice that motivated them.

“We saw what the lack of love and the lack of freedom could do. We saw the concentration camps. We saw the slave labor camps. We saw the vile inhumanity of man-against-man,” said Jack Foy, a machine gunner in General George S. Patton’s Third Army who fought in the Battle of the Bulge. “What we did, and what we experienced, represents the love of our country, the love of our faith, the love of our fellow citizens, and our love of freedom.”

Foy was joined by Peter Du Pre, Dr. Earl Bruce Heilman, Jack Holder and Joseph Reilly — all members of The Greatest Generation Foundation.

One of the most amazing facts that came out of the presentation was that they were all teenagers when the war began. As Heilman noted, “All of us grew up in a hurry.”

You can watch these remarkable individuals share their stories below:

In addition to hosting the Greatest Generation presentation, the NNA continued its longtime support of military veterans by providing free state-required Notary training to honorably discharged service personnel.

The program included the California state-required 6-hour training covering Notary laws and how to pass the exam, as well as other benefits.

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Pamela Shoffner

04 Jul 2016

Thank you for posting this WWII veterans video. Very interesting to watch and listen to the stories of the men who were active in that war.


05 Jul 2016

The best way we can thank our veterans is to take care of them when they get home. Just like they took care of us by defending our freedom, which we far too often take for granted. God bless our vets and current enlisted!! Thank you is too small to be the only way.

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