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A Mobile Notary’s POV: Awkward Questions Signers Ask

How mobile Notaries can handle awkward questions from signers

If you’ve been a mobile Notary for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve experienced your fair share of awkward questions. I’ve developed a thick skin over the past years doing Notary work but, sometimes the questions still shock me.

“Why don’t you have any children?”

“What does your husband do?”

“Is this ALL you do all day?”

“Have you thought about going to college?”

“What religion are you, and what church do you go to?”

I can’t tell you how many times I had to laugh incredulously once I got to my car. Did they really just ask me that?

Don’t Let It Bother You

When I meet someone for an appointment, I’m friendly and professional. I refrain from too much talking so I can stay focused on the job at hand. Sometimes I’ll engage in a bit of small chat like weather, local football, or pets, but I never bring up anything personal.

I understand that I am at their home or business, so they may feel the need to engage in conversation. But what the signer doesn’t understand is that a lot of people are relying on me to execute their documents accurately and efficiently, so I really need to focus and not chat about my personal life. I used to let these personal awkward questions bother me, provide answers, and go back and forth with signers. I’ve learned not to do this.

Deflecting The Question

Growing up, my dad taught me that in business there are two things you should never talk about: politics and religion. And it’s amazing how many subjects that covers. When those very personal questions come my way, I can still hear my dad’s advice and do my best to divert the question and get back to work.

The best way I’ve found to accomplish this is with a simple one word answer or a polite, “I’d prefer not to say”. For example:

The signer asks, “Is this all you do all day?” You simply answer, “yes” then move to the next page that needs to be signed.

Or the signer asks: “What religion are you and what church do you go to?”

I politely answer, “I’d prefer not to say,” and point to the next signature line.

I have come to realize that by not engaging in the question, the signer will get the hint and go with your flow of the signing.

Fortunately most signers are great, which makes being a NSA fun.

P.S. I did go to college, ... and yes this is all I do all day.

Amanda Doumanian Reeves has worked as a mobile Notary in Tallahassee, Florida, for six years and helps run a thriving business, A Notary on the Go, with her family.


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21 Dec 2015

I am unable to read these articles. I have tried opening the email in different browsers but the article is blocked out.


21 Dec 2015

Wait! You forgot much do they pay you to do these? I get that a lot!

Alan Jorgensen

21 Dec 2015

I love to talk to my signers. However when I feel the subject is inappropriate I say I would like too, but in my role as a notary I can't at the moment and after the signing we chit chat, but never politics. I like to think I can asses personalities and have been accurate and know when to be quiet and when to talk and what is appropriate.

Patricia Warmack

21 Dec 2015

I go into every closing with a business only demeanor. I don't rush through closings - but I make signers understand that I am on a schedule and need to get their signed docs to FedEx in a timely manner to help them stay focused.

Gary Benson

23 Dec 2015

We should remember that we are representing the loan company the clients have spent, in some cases, months getting their loan. It really is about relationships and the experience should be as pleasant as possible. There are steps I take which set the stage. 1- I show my State Certification so they know I am for real. 2-I show my background check, which establishes credibility and trust. 3- I explain what we are here to do and any questions they may have about their loan will have to be taken up with the loan company. I've never had anyone not understand that. 4 - The time for discussion outside of the docs is after all docs are signed properly. Look around and you will find something to compliment, i.e. pictures of their kids, their yard, their home. Leave them having enjoyed the experience. Why? They will tell their friends about the experience and that is good for the loan company.

Linda J Hubbell

23 Mar 2016

"“Why don’t you have any children?” “What does your husband do?” “Is this ALL you do all day?” “Have you thought about going to college?” “What religion are you, and what church do you go to?”" Have never been asked anything like this; the most I've been asked is "are you busy doing this type of work?" to which my answer is usually "not as busy as I'd like to be". I, personally, consider the questions quoted quite inappropriate for any signer to ask a notary and, thankfully, I've never been asked these types of questions by any signers.

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