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What Makes An Outstanding Notary Of The Year? A Look Back At 2015’s Honorees

Every Notary is a public servant who, by definition, serves their community. But some Notaries have a special dedication to both their state-appointed duty and their communities, and the Notary of the Year program was created to honor these exceptional Notaries.

Each year, choosing a Notary of the Year is a tough decision because there are so many exceptional nominees. That’s why the NNA also celebrates four Notary of the Year Honorees each year.

Every Honoree exemplifies the best qualities the nation’s Notaries have to offer. Here’s a look at some of the criteria our Selection Committee used to choose the 2015 Honorees.

  • If you know someone who would make an outstanding Notary of the Year or Special Honoree, please use our online Notary of the Year nomination form to submit their name for consideration by December 6, 2015.



Community Service

Bridget Outlaw, a 2015 Special Honoree from Chicago, Illinois, is a Notary whose charitable efforts stood out. She’s the founder of the charitable organization Daughters of Destiny Hunger Relief, which feeds approximately 3,000 people each month, and was recognized with a President’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014 for hunger relief advocacy.









Notary Mentoring

Many outstanding past Honorees caught our attention because they help train, educate and mentor other Notaries. Special Honoree Joan Ann Baffa of Lindenhurst, New York, mentors more than 160 Notaries at her law firm, and is the go-to person when attorneys and co-workers have questions about a tricky notarization.






Honoree Mike Phillips of San Diego, California, is another outstanding mentor. Phillips works as a Notary educator and ensures his students follow the highest ethical and professional standards. He also volunteers as a mentor to former prison inmates to help them successfully reintegrate into society.






Government Advocacy

Many Honorees have volunteered their time working for positive changes to state Notary laws, or making public officials and business leaders aware of the duties and issues facing local Notaries. Marcy Tiberio of Rochester, New York, works full time as a Notary signing agent and volunteers with veterans and foster children, but also finds time to educate local officials in her area about proper notarial procedures.




These four special people join a growing list of Honorees who exemplify the very best ideals of the Notary Public. If you know anyone who deserves to be celebrated, please complete the online Notary of the Year Nomination Form.

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association. 

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Hazel J. Edwards

30 Nov 2015

I consider it an honor to be a Notary for my community and intend to utilize the process for as many persons possible. I plan on taking advantage of every learning opportunity possible with in my means. I was a Notary for The Anderson Housing Authority for many, many years; now that I have retired, I plan to see how I can assist the need as much as possible. I plan on staying in tune with National Notary Association and learn from them on the best way to do this. Thank you, Hazel Jeanne Edwards.

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