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2015 Notary of the Year Selects Simmons College For $1,000 Scholarship


LaQuita Gaskins (center) presents a $1,000 scholarship to Simmons College.

The National Notary Foundation has endowed a $1,000 scholarship to Simmons College of Kentucky on behalf of 2015 Notary of the Year LaQuita Gaskins.

Dr. Frank Smith, Jr. accepted the check on behalf of the college during a brief ceremony on campus. Gaskins and Bill Anderson, NNA Vice President of Government Affairs, also attended.

NNA President and CEO Tom Heymann said, “Ms. Gaskins spent more than two decades serving our great country in the Army and we are proud to recognize her and to support a college that continues to enrich her life.”

Exemplary Notaries

Each year, the Notary of the Year is selected from nominees across the country who best exemplify the ideals of integrity, impartiality, competence, selflessness and public service in the critical role of protecting citizens from ID theft and document fraud. In recognition of these exemplary qualities, the Notary of the Year is awarded a $1,000 scholarship from the National Notary Foundation to benefit the educational institution of their choice.

The NNA is currently accepting nominations for the 2016 Notary of the Year, who will be announced at NNA 2016 Conference. We’re looking for nominees who excel in community service, mentorship of other Notaries, working to enact needed legislation, providing notarial services to the less fortunate, trailblazing new technologies, or public speaking to promote the Notary office.

To nominate a Notary of the Year candidate, please fill out and submit the Notary of the Year nomination form. The deadline to be considered for 2016 is December 1 and submissions after that date will be considered for 2017.

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association.

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Brenda Tinker

03 Sep 2015

It's truly no surprise to me that LaQuita donated the 1,000 to Simmons College, it only compliments all the reasons she was nominated and the fact that she was chosen to be The Notary of the Year. LaQuita doesn't let anything stand in the way of her pleasing God, and of her being the best servant she can be. She is of all things humble, loving, kind and most of all compassionate and purpose driven. So it is of no surprise to me that she continues to give of her self as one who's not seeking rewards for her sacifices of her giving of her time, gifts and talants. I wouldn't be surprised if she received the award again. LaQuita I pray you continue to trust God in deep waters and receive the harvest of that which you have reaped. Your Sister and Friend. Brenda

LaQuita Gaskins

23 Nov 2015

Thank you so very much Sis Brenda and all thode who stand for Christ and those who do not know christ find me at or call Saint Stephen Baptist Church. I love all God bless and God speed

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