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NNA Notary Signing Agent Certification Course receives 2015 business award for excellence

2015 Brandon Hall Group award given to the National Notary Association for Excellence in Learning

The National Notary Association was honored in the “Best Certification Program” category for the quality of its Notary Signing Agent Certification Course this month at the 2015 Brandon Hall Group Human Capital Management Excellence Awards.

The Awards are presented by the Brandon Hall Group, a global business research and analyst firm which recognizes organizations each year for achievements in training, leadership, talent management, technology and other development programs for business professionals. Now entering its 21st year, the HCM Excellence Awards are among the most prestigious awards programs for learning in the business field.

Major new changes to mortgage Closing Disclosure forms starting October 3,2015 will change the way signing agents perform assignments. Mortgage industry executives are saying that additional training will help signing agents  gain a competitive advantage as lenders prepare for the transition.

David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor with the National Notary Association.

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Audrey Jane Spaulding

28 Oct 2015

I have taken the Certification several times and I am not able to pass it. I have gone over every question and answer several times and it comes out the same thing every time, I have my books and I have the TRIAD completion and I apparently am missing the same things over and over again, I have looked all of this up to no Avail,

Lois Davis

29 Sep 2016

I have taken this test several times with my book open and referring to it for help. I have been unable to pass it. It is difficult to determine which questions I am missing because this is a pass/fail test. My course book is a 2nd edition. Is there a later edition and if so are there a lot of changes that I don't know about that cause me to continue to fail this test? It disturbing to me not being able to know what I am getting wrong so I can correct it,

National Notary Association

30 Sep 2016

Hi Lois. We forwarded your message to the team that handles the certification course and a team member will give you a call to help you with your questions. Have a great weekend!

15 Feb 2017

I have taken this test several times with my book open and referring to it for help. I have been unable to pass it. It is difficult to determine which questions I am missing because this is a pass/fail test. I have a course book but not sure what edition it is. I decided to purchase a updated book for Notary Signing agent Certification Course. I bought the wrong one, I received the The Complete Handbook of Loan Documents and Transactions. Would I be able to get my $$ back I even paid to get it next day which was another $21.00. (When this book get updated I wouldn't mind buying it again.... This book is not really an updated Handbook because it doesn't have the Closing Disclosure and it talks about the truth and lending which was replaced with the Closing Disclosure. And it does not have the New Acknowledgment and Jurat wording, it does not refer to this at all. I have been an NSA for 11 years now. I know my work but now taking this Certification exam I have taken 2 times and can't pass it. While taking the test I have my book but can't find info regarding questions asked. This is very fustrating. Could someone help me

Sadie Sumner

13 May 2018

I have the same difficulty as others in passing the exam. I have taken it 6 times with open books and the SPW Code of Conduct to no avail. Why can't we see what we are missing so we can correct?


27 Jun 2018

I'm with the others. This pass is impossible to pass. I have taken it 4 times, googled every single question and still failed. Scam??????

24 Jul 2018

I have taken the test 3 times and I seems to be having trouble understanding the question and referring to the SWP Code of Conduct its unfair to the tester that they can't see what they keep getting wrong. Please help. I'm preparing again for the test.

Alfred Galvez

01 Sep 2018

Can't pass the test. Any suggestin?

08 Sep 2018

I have tried this test twice and I have not pass it. I have passed other Notary training test but it seems that if I am not able to have this down, I would not able to work a NSA. Is there any way to obtain the results of my test? there are multiples misleading questions and in top of that I am not able to obtain the results so I can determine what are the areas I am failing? this is not right. How would I know that this practice is with the mere intent that people spend money signing in thei NNA courses? It this a fair practice?...

National Notary Association

11 Sep 2018

Hello. We understand your frustration with not being able to find out which questions you got wrong. The exam was developed by industry contracting companies and is based on the standards they look for when contracting a Notary Signing Agent. Because the exam is a qualification test rather than an educational tool, we can only provide your final score, and we are unable to provide correct answers or indicate which questions you missed.


27 Apr 2020

What is the most recent edition of Notary Signing Agent Certification Course book ISBN 159767033-2?

National Notary Association

28 Apr 2020

Hello. Please contact our Customer Care team at 1-800-876-6827 for assistance.


04 Jan 2021

i have taken this test 3 times now and still have not passed. This is suppose to be easy since it is a open book. I feel like this is harder then the Notary Public test. I don't understand what i am getting wrong. I have went over it several times and can not see why i am not passing unless i have the wrong book to go back on. this is very frustrating and it should not be this hard.

29 Jan 2021

Do you have to pay for each test attempt or are you able to take it until you pass once you pay?

National Notary Association

01 Feb 2021

Hello. The NSA certification exam may be taken as often as necessary to pass at no additional cost.


20 Apr 2021

I passed the test on my first try. Can I retake it to obtain a higher score?

National Notary Association

29 Apr 2021

Hello. Sorry, no. Once the test is passed, the system is locked.

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