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Boston National will grant ‘preferred status’ to Signing Agents who complete continuing education

The NNA’s NSA continuing education eLearning course can make Notary Signing Agents more marketable.

Notary signing agents who prepare for the new Closing Disclosure by completing the NNA’s Continuing Education Course will get preferred status to receive loan-signing assignments from Boston National Title, a senior company executive said.

The value of continuing your NSA education

“It is extremely important to us that the signing professionals we partner with are absolutely the best and brightest in the business,” said Nathan Bossers, Chief Operating Officer of Boston National Settlement Services. To be that, they must be as educated and as prepared as possible for the Closing Disclosure. We want our industry partners to know they are represented at the signing table by only the best of the best, and it is imperative that professionals take this course to properly prepare themselves.”

The NNA’s NSA Continuing Education eLearning Course is widely recognized throughout the mortgage industry as providing signing agents with all the information they need, and completing it shows that a signing agent has been proactive in preparing for the Closing Disclosure, Bossers said.

“That’s why we will give preferred status to NSAs who have completed the course, providing they have also met all other standard signing agent requirements,” he said.

How the new Closing Disclosure affects NSAs

The Closing Disclosure is part of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID) Rule, which takes effect for most loan applications beginning on October 3. Lenders, title companies, settlement services and others have described the rule as the greatest sea-change to hit the mortgage industry in years.

The Closing Disclosure form combines information from the existing HUD-1 Settlement Statement and final Truth In Lending Statement for most residential mortgages and is intended to help borrowers better understand the terms of their loans.

Boston National Title, a licensed title agent in 41 states and the District of Columbia, is the latest organization to encourage NSAs to complete the continuing education course. Senior executives taking part in the industry panel at NNA 2015 Conference in June gave a similar message.

“I have taken the NNA’s course and found it very good, right to the point,” Ray Callahan, Chief Compliance Officer, Prospect Mortgage, LLC., said.


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R. J. Angel

17 Aug 2015

You should provide this information at no charge. We are loyal members of NNA and have been for 10 years.

A K Lang

17 Aug 2015

I agree with R. J. Angel. Rather than support and enhance our skills, it appears the NNA sees its signing agents as a revenue source. We already pay an NNA membership and a Signing Agent membership. I'm disappointed.

Sharon Bovaird

17 Aug 2015

Yes, NNA misses NO OPPORTUNITY to repay loyalty by ripping us off!!! That's why I use Notary Rotary for everything possible! They are really nice folks!


17 Aug 2015

Hi highly recommend doing some research on what the notary forums say about Boston National Title ... I personally learned too late.

christal Leyva

17 Aug 2015

I sooo agree with the previous comments... Why are we being charged for this too ?? Not coll NNA

National Notary Association

19 Aug 2015

The NNA, as always, appreciates your feedback. As you know, TRID regulations and the new Closing Disclosure have a significant impact on Notary procedures, so we have been sharing training information with Notaries everywhere throughout 2015. All the information you need to prepare for the changes coming October 3 has been published in the Notary Bulletin (, and we continue to cover any relevant developments ( All of this information is available to the entire Notary community free of charge, including our interactive sample of the Closing Disclosure form with explanations and walkthroughs for the various sections. ( However, we also recognize that a significant number of Notaries prefer to learn about new procedures in a formal training environment. So as we gathered and published information from across the industry, we put a lot of time and effort into creating an NSA Continuing Education Course to meet their needs. ( course has been highly praised by both signing agents and mortgage finance industry officials from across the nation. Notaries who need to learn about the Closing Disclosure can choose whether to follow developments in the Notary Bulletin free of charge, or to enroll in the NSA Continuing Education Course for a nominal fee. Once again we thank you for your feedback. Phillip Browne Director of Communications

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