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Can I Notarize A Copy Of A Passport?

Can I notarize a copy of a passport? If so what form do I need to complete?M.L., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania Notaries can certify a copy of a passport — you can make the copy of the passport and you’ll need to complete a certificate for a certified copy. A sample may be found on the Pennsylvania Department of State’s website or, if you are an NNA member, you may download a copy certification certificate form by logging into My NNA at

Hotline answers are based on the laws in the state where the question originated and may not reflect the laws of other states. If in doubt, always refer to your own state statutes. – The Editors

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Ardel Richter

27 Jul 2015

What about other states? PA does allow 'more' than most other states.

National Notary Association

28 Jul 2015

Hello. The laws of other states vary significantly regarding copy certification of documents by Notaries. Some examples of state copy certification rules can be found in this article: If you have questions about a specific state, please let us know which one and we'll be happy to assist you further.

Beatriz Hernández

28 Jul 2015

And what about notarizing a passport copy here in the state of Florida??

National Notary Association

04 Aug 2015

Hello. Yes, you may notarize a copy of a passport in Florida provided the original document is not officially filed or recorded. A Notary may supervise the making of a photocopy of an original document and attest to the trueness of the copy, provided the document is neither a vital record in this state, another state, a territory of the United States, or another country, nor a public record, if a copy can be made by the custodian of the public record (FS 117.05[12][a]).The making of the photocopy must be supervised by the Notary Public. It is not sufficient for the Notary Public to compare the photocopy with the original document. The Notary Public must actually make the photocopy or supervise another person while he or she makes the photocopy.

Robert Ruston

28 Jul 2015

AsI understand Notary Law in NYS, Notaries cannot certify copies of documents.

David Alkire

01 Aug 2015

Texas notaries cannot certify a copy of a document that can be publicly recorded. The document does not have to be publicly recorded, it just has to have the ability to be publicly recorded. This includes passports which are specifically mentioned.


11 Aug 2015

What are the laws for California? Can a CA Notary complete a copy certification by document custodian?

National Notary Association

11 Aug 2015

Hello. CA Notaries may certify copies of Certify copies of powers of attorney (GC 8205[a][4] and Probate Code 4307[b][2]) or copies of entries in the Notary’s own journal if ordered by the Secretary of State (GC 8205[b][1]) or by a court (GC 8206[e]). Copy certification by document custodian is not appropriate for vital records (birth, marriage, death certificates), since originals of these documents are retained by public agencies. Anyone requesting certified copies of vital records should be directed to the agency that holds the original — either the State Registrar of Vital Statistics, duly-appointed local registrar or county recorder of the county where the birth, death or marriage occurred. (Health and Safety Code, Section 103545)

Vishal Dubey

19 Apr 2016

Can Ohio Notarize certify colored photo copy of passport?

National Notary Association

21 Apr 2016

Hello. Ohio Notaries are not authorized to certify copies.

D Asase

03 Jul 2016

Hello. How do I notarize passport copy in Texas?

National Notary Association

05 Jul 2016

Hello. Texas Notaries are not permitted to certify passports.


21 Jul 2016

Can an Oklahoma notary certify/notarize a copy of a passport? What about a state issued drivers license?

National Notary Association

21 Jul 2016

Hello. Oklahoma Notaries can certify copies of documents, except government records that can only be copy certified by the official who holds the original document (such as vital records like marriage or death certificates). (OS 49:113[D])

bryan guino

10 Aug 2016

Can I notarize copy of passport in California. if not what are the other option to perform the notarization

National Notary Association

12 Aug 2016

Hello. Can you specify what type of notarization is being requested? If the customer is asking for a copy certification, CA Notaries are only authorized to certify copies of powers of attorney and entries from their journals if requested by a court or the Secretary of State.

Wayne Valentine

23 Nov 2016

Can Notaries in the state of MD notarize copies of US passports? Thanks.

National Notary Association

23 Nov 2016

Hi Wayne. No, according to the state's Handbook for Notaries Public, "“A notary public has no authority to certify a copy of a public record, a publicly recorded document, a school record or diploma, a professional license, or any other public or private document or record which does not pertain to the notary public’s official acts.”


15 Jan 2017

Can a notary certify my Ghanaian passport to obtain ITIN from the IRS?

National Notary Association

17 Jan 2017

Hello. So that we can answer your question, can you please tell us what state you are located in? Also, can you please clarify if you need a photocopy of your passport certified, or a different type of notarization?


25 Jan 2017

Can a New Jersey Notary complete a copy certification by document custodian? Also can a New Jersey Notary certify a copy of a passport?

National Notary Association

25 Jan 2017

Hello Claudia. New Jersey Notaries are not authorized to certify copies as part of their duties.

Diana Wagner

28 Feb 2017

Are Missouri notaries allowed to notarize copies of passports & Visas? Also, what about change of appearance affidavits for minors where a thumbprint is required but the child is not present?

National Notary Association

28 Feb 2017

Hello. A Missouri Notary may certify a copy of a document if the Notary receives a signed, written request stating the requested copy certification does not violate any state or federal law. The Notary must retain a copy of each document he or she has certified along with any other records related to their notarial acts. A Missouri Notary must not certify any copies of documents that state on the face of the document that they cannot be reproduced. (RSMo 486.345[1] and [2]). Regarding your second question, it's not clear what type of notarial act is being requested from your description. However, if you are being asked to notarize the minor's signature on the document, then the minor must appear in person before you in order for the notarization to take place.

22 May 2017

can IL notary public notarize copy of US passport?

National Notary Association

23 May 2017

Hello. No, Illinois Notaries may not certify copies of documents.

Joe Cohen

10 Jul 2017

Hi, Can NYC notary public notarize copy of US passports?

National Notary Association

11 Jul 2017

Hello. No, NY Notaries are not authorized to certify copies of documents, including passports.


25 Jul 2017

Can I notarize passport copy in California?

National Notary Association

25 Jul 2017

Hello. No, CA Notaries may not certify copies of passports.

Stacy Burnette

31 Aug 2017

Can an Indiana notary certify a copy of a passport?

National Notary Association

06 Sep 2017

The Notary Public Guide states that Notaries may notarize a true copy: “A true copy is a copy of any document containing a notarized affidavit or attestation of the person who made the copy, or is in a position to know, that it is an accurate, “true ” and complete copy of an original. Generally a notary can notarize or attest to an affidavit that a copy is a true copy of an original. Some authorities in some cases will accept a true copy in lieu of an original or certified copy. “ In this case, the signer should check with the receiving agency to see if such certification will be acceptable for the passport.


10 Oct 2017

Can a notary in Virginia and/or Washington DC certify/notarize a copy of passport?

National Notary Association

10 Oct 2017

Hello. Notaries commissioned in the District of Columbia may not certify copies of passports. A Virginia Notary may certify a copy of a document that is not a public record.


28 Dec 2017

How about in New Mexico?

National Notary Association

02 Jan 2018

Hello. New Mexico Notaries may certify copies of documents that are not vital records, public records or publicly recordable.


02 Mar 2018

May NJ Notaries certify a statement from someone that they made a copy of a Passport and they swear that it is a true copy thereof?

National Notary Association

05 Mar 2018

Hello Marilyn. If someone asked you to notarize their signature on a statement they made, you may do so as long as the type of notarization the customer requests meets all requirements of NJ law and the signer can present satisfactory proof of identity. However, it would not be appropriate in your role as a Notary to instruct someone to use this option, as advising someone on preparing a document might be considered the unauthorized practice of law.


31 May 2018

Can MN notaries notarize a copy of a passport, and if so, do they need all pages photocopies (including all blank pages) or just the first two pages that include the personal information?

National Notary Association

31 May 2018

Hello. Minnesota Notaries may certify a copy of a passport. According to the state Notary Commission Guide, the Notary must evaluate the copied documents to determine that they are "correct and complete reproductions of the original documents" so you would need tor review all the photocopied pages you are certifying.


30 Oct 2018

Can a notary in Ga notarized a copy of passport?

National Notary Association

31 Oct 2018

A Georgia notary public may make a certified copy of a U.S. passport using the passport holder’s affidavit or notarize the sworn statement of a passport holder concerning the photocopy of the passport.


25 Feb 2019

Today I have faced a strange discrimination at CHASE bank in Arizona stating they would not notarize a US passport. I went to the bank with my original US passport and they outright rejected it, while I walked to Wells Fargo and they delightedly notarized it. When I enquired at Chase they stated that Arizona prevents from certifying copies of documents that are public record or that are publicly recordable. Can you please clarify this? I’m kind of surprised why did wells Fargo next door notarized the same documents. Also, is passport US considered as public record or that are publicly recordable??

National Notary Association

26 Feb 2019

Hello. Arizona prohibits Notaries from certifying copies of public records or documents that are publicly recordable (ARS 41-311[3]). If the passport could potentially be recorded with a public records office-even if the bearer doesn't plan to do so-then it would not be appropriate for an AZ Notary to perform a copy certification. For more information, please see this article:


05 Dec 2019

How do I notarize photocopy of U.S. Passport and Drivers licence in PA?

National Notary Association

11 Dec 2019

Hello. Please see this article for more information:

Stacy L.

29 May 2020

In Ohio are we allowed to do certified copies? Is attaching a separate page having them fill out and sign and then I notarize the best route to take? Are we allowed to write anything on the actual copy?

National Notary Association

05 Jun 2020

Hello. Ohio Notaries are not authorized to certify copies.

Shari Roark

01 Dec 2020

A client is asking me to notarize a copy certification of his passport and driver license in the state of Washington. He said he went to a postal annex and they declined, telling him that the laws in Washington state have changed and we are no longer allowed to conduct a copy certification for these documents. I have tried researching, but cannot find anything to clarify if the law has changed in my state.

National Notary Association

04 Dec 2020

Hello. Washington Notaries are authorized to certify copies of documents. According to the state Notary Public Guide published by the WA Division of Licensing ( "A notary who certifies or attests a copy of a document is verifying that the document in question is an exact copy of another document. The notary must compare the copy with the original document and determine that the copy is a full, true, and accurate transcription or reproduction of the original. The simplest way to ensure that the copy meets this standard is for the notary to make the copy themselves when possible. The notary, however, should avoid copying public documents that indicate that they should not be copied. Copies of these documents should be obtained ahead of time by the person requesting the certification."


12 Mar 2021

How to I get a Illinois passport notarized to be used out of the USA?

National Notary Association

15 Mar 2021

Based on what you’ve described, we think it would be best if you contacted our Hotline team by phone and provided them with a more detailed description of the situation. The NNA Hotline: 1-888-876-0827 Mon – Fri: 5:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. (PT) Saturday: 5:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (PT) If you’re not an NNA Member or Hotline Subscriber, they will provide you with a one-time courtesy call.


07 Oct 2021

Can a notary create a certified(notarized) copy of a passport in Wisconsin?

National Notary Association

08 Oct 2021

Hello. Wisconsin does not prohibit Notaries from certifying a copy of a passport. However, Wisconsin Notaries may not certify copies of vital records such as birth, death or marriage certificates, according to the state's Notary Public information brochure. For more information on state-specific copy certification rules, please see this article:

Denise Ditta

19 Oct 2022

Can a Louisiana Notary, notarize a passport?

National Notary Association

09 Nov 2022

A Notary Public can perform a copy certification on a passport in the state of Louisiana.

Sam Fallaw

20 Jun 2023

Does Alabama allow for certified copies

National Notary Association

20 Jun 2023

Hello. An Alabama Notary may not certify a copy of a vital record or other document that can be certified by a public records office (Notaries Public: The Handbook).

Sun Lutz

21 Jun 2023

Can a notary create a certified(notarized) copy of a passport in Virginia?

National Notary Association

22 Jun 2023

Hello. A Virginia Notary may not certify a copy of a document that is in the custody of a court (COV 47.1-12). A Notary may not certify a copy of a birth, death, or marriage certificate (Handbook for Virginia Notaries Public).


19 Jul 2023

Can I notarize a copy of a passport in TN?

National Notary Association

21 Jul 2023

Hello. No, Tennessee does not authorize its Notaries to certify copies of passports.


12 Nov 2023

Hello- can I notarize a copy of a New Zealand passport and visa in the state of CO?

National Notary Association

13 Nov 2023

Hello. While Colorado permits Notaries to certify copies of documents, the Notary may not do so if the document is a vital record or document that can be obtained from the Secretary of State’s office, the state archives, a clerk/recorder of public documents, or a document that indicates on its face that copying the original is illegal (CRS 24-21-505[4][b] and [c]).

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