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Quiz: Test Your Notary Safety Knowledge


1. True or False: You should always let someone know where you’re going and how long you expect to be gone when traveling to perform a notarization.

Answer: True. Letting someone know where you will be is an important safety measure when working as a mobile Notary. You never know what might happen in an unknown location, and it’s always good be sure someone knows where to find you if there’s a problem, whether it’s car trouble, getting lost or a problem with a signer. Some Notaries also make it their policy to always call a relative or friend as a safety precaution during mobile notary assignments.

2. True or False. If you feel uncomfortable or at risk during a notarization, you should always try to complete the notarization first before you leave.

Answer: False. Your safety should always come first. If you feel that you are in danger during a notarization — for example, if a signer becomes angry, or becomes physically violent — leave immediately and get yourself out of danger. After you have ensured that you’re safe, you can later record in your journal what happened and that you had to leave the notarization because of possible danger to yourself.

3. True or False. You should not share the details of your work schedule with a stranger.

Answer: True. If a signer becomes threatening, you don’t want to let slip any information that could put you in further in harm’s way. One Notary from Indiana told the Notary Bulletin how a stranger asked her during a signing if she was on her last assignment for the day. After she told him “yes,” the signer pulled a gun on the Notary and demanded money from her. Fortunately, the Notary stayed calm and was able to escape unharmed — but she strongly warned other Notaries against letting signers know if it’s your last job for the day.

4. True or False. You should never offer to meet a stranger at a public place, such as a coffee shop, to perform a notarization.

Answer: False. If you’re concerned about meeting a stranger or travelling to an unfamiliar neighborhood for a notarization, a commonly used alternative is to meet at a neutral public area, such as a local coffee shop, library or café. Make sure the location you choose is well lit, easily accessible and has other people present to ensure you can easily and safely leave if you feel yourself to be at risk. 

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association


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Lacy G Connors

01 Jun 2015



01 Jun 2015

I believe question 5 should be True

Michele DeBernardis

01 Jun 2015

Good information.


01 Jun 2015

Who comes up with these questions? The answers are quite obvious.

mary covington

01 Jun 2015

How was my score

National Notary Association

02 Jun 2015

Hi Mary! We're sorry, at this time our quiz software doesn't include an automatic scoring function, which is why we include the answers at the end so you can check your responses against the correct answers.

16 Jul 2015

The question is true

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