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7 Ways Notaries Can Stop Back Pain

Notaries can learn to manage back pain caused by slumping over paper work and driving to assignments.

Eight out of 10 Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives, and chances are high that many Notaries — who sit all day or drive from assignment to assignment — are plagued as much as everyone else.

Fortunately, the majority of back and neck pain will ease with conservative, non-surgical treatment within 4 to 8 weeks. And while back pain can be caused by a variety or combination of reasons, these expert tips can sidestep more damage and help ease your aches:

Strengthen Your Core 

Nearly three-quarters of all sufferers can minimize or eradicate pain by exercising the abdominals and lower back muscles 3 or 4 days per week, followed by stretching. Your “core” muscles do include your buttocks and the tight muscles around the hips, so try strength-training exercise DVDs, a safe stretching regimen and Pilates or “flat abs” classes to minimize your risk. Check with a doctor before initiating any exercise routine.

Replace Your Mattress

Strip the sheets off your bed and inspect the surface of your mattress for signs of wear-and-tear. The more you find, the worse your mattress springs are, and the greater your risk of back trouble. Save your spine and buy a new mattress say experts at the Center for Spine Health at Cleveland Clinic.

Listen to Music

Cleveland Clinic researchers found that when people with back problems listened to music for an hour every day, they experienced 20 percent reduction in chronic pain after just one week. “The effect may be due to music distracting the mind — or it could be that music induces deeper muscle relaxation,” says study author and registered nurse Sandra Siedlecki, PhD. “Research also suggests that music may prove more effective in people who are overly anxious to begin with.”

Don't Sit on Your Wallet

If you tend to sit with your wallet or phone in the rear pocket of your pants, take it out. Sitting on it puts pressure on your sciatic nerve, the major nerve running through the buttocks, a very common source of lower back pain, says Stuart McGill, PhD, director of the Spine Biometrics Laboratory at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Try Acupuncture

Rapidly becoming a mainstream treatment for many types of chronic pain, needling releases pain-numbing hormones and may block the pain signals coming from your nerves, says McGill. Always discuss any alternative pain treatments, such as chiropractic or acupuncture, with your regular doctor.

Just Move It

Common causes of upper back pain, including neck pain, are often caused by slumping and poor posture as you toil in front of a computer or look down at paperwork all day. (Sound familiar?) To keep aches at bay during sedentary office days, set an alarm on your phone or computer to rise and stretch for a few minutes at the top of every hour.  

Take an Anti-Inflammatory

When all else fails, pop an Aleve or another anti-inflammatory or aspirin until you can see a doctor. Download the free back pain Treatment Guide from Cleveland Clinic, and visit a pain management specialist for the latest, most innovative treatments.

Nicole Dorsey is the NNA’s Content Manager and holds a master’s degree in health science.

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Joan A. Baffa

18 May 2015

As usual, excellent advice - and, remember, ice (applied properly) is a very inexpensive Anti-Inflammatory! Many thnx.....

Liz adams

20 May 2015

Nicely put! Appreciate the tips from a severe back pain sufferer.

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