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Updating Your Profile To Get An Edge

Updated 8-25-22.  Are you trying to create or update your profile? This video will show you how to add your details to the most trusted, nationwide database of Notary Signing Agents.

Before you get started, you’ll need to:

  1. Be a commissioned Notary
  2. Have an active NNA Signing Agent Background Screening

How To Update Your Profile

If you are currently an NNA Certified Notary Signing Agent, it’s a simple matter to revitalize your profile through the NNA website.

    1. Get started by going to and clicking the blue Login button at the top-right corner of the page. Enter your email and password.
    2. Once you’re logged in, hover over your name at the top-right side of the page. A drop-down menu will appear with the option to select ‘My NNA.’ When you click it, you’ll be taken to your NNA dashboard.

    3. From here, click ‘My Signing Agent Profile’ on the left-hand menu. If you’re doing this for the first time, you’ll get a prompt to update your contact details. The page will refresh, and you’ll see the 6 sections of information displayed on your profile.

    4. The top section includes details like, your name, the name used for your NNA Signing Agent Background Screening and the expiration dates for your NNA membership, NNA exam, and commission. Some of the fields in this section are automatically filled in — and some you can edit yourself by clicking the edit button. If you find something wrong with any of the information you’re unable to edit, our Customer Care team can help you update it. If you’ve uploaded your Notary commission certificate, you can view it here. If you bought your Notary errors and omissions insurance from the NNA, you’ll see your policy amount and expiration date. If you got your E&O policy elsewhere, you can add the information here.

    5. To add or change your photo, click “Edit” on the top-right corner and read the directions on the page carefully. Choose the “Browse” option and select your profile picture. Keep in mind that it should be a professional style photo with only YOU in it. Don’t forget to click “save” and stay on the page until the spinner stops. If you go to a different page, or close the window, you could lose your changes.  

    6. The next section covers your detailed Contact Information. While you may have gotten a prompt to confirm some of the basics when you logged in, this section allows you to add more public information like your company name, website, mobile number, and alternate mailing address. Click the “save” button when you’re finished making changes.

    7. The next section is where you can personalize your profile with details about your skills and availablility, such as languages you speak, distance you can travel, remote notarization or IPEN vendors you work with, your hours of operation and other information. 
    8. If you want to mention any diversity related information about your business (e.g. your business is minority-owned, veteran-owned, woman-owned or other business certifications, you can check applicable information in the next section.
    9. NSA Connection is optional and allows you to privately network with fellow Notary Signing Agents. You can also choose to display partial or full profile information.
    10. The last section provides a maximum of 2,000 characters for you to enter any additional information you think is important to share. 

To find out more about becoming an NNA Certified Notary Signing Agent, contact our Customer Care Team at 800-876-6827. 


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08 Dec 2020

I'm trying to update my background screening date and need help.

National Notary Association

10 Dec 2020

Hello. Please email our Customer Care team at to request assistance.

29 Aug 2022

I am interested in becoming a commissioned notary

National Notary Association

29 Aug 2022

Hello. You can find more information here:

Barbara Solomon

29 Aug 2022

How do I become a signing agent

National Notary Association

29 Aug 2022

Hello. You can find more information here:

Erver D Aragon

29 Aug 2022

Please call me

National Notary Association

30 Aug 2022

Hello. If you need assistance with a customer issue, you can contact our Customer Care team at or by phone at 1-800-876-6827

07 Mar 2023

I live in Texas and I just changed my name back to my maiden name. I am a commissioned notary and understands that I can wait until my renewal period to change my commission. How would I apply for my nsa? Do I use my married name (currently used for my notary commission) or my current name (maiden name)?

National Notary Association

10 Mar 2023

Hello. Working as a Notary Signing Agent does not require you to obtain a separate or additional commission from the state. However, companies that use Signing Agents typically require NSAs to undergo certification training and background screening. Please see here for more information:

11 Mar 2023

Hello, I just updated the business, home, and mobile numbers for my Signing Agent profile, however, it still shows a previous number for "day" and "evening." How do I change the numbers that appear for day and evening?

National Notary Association

18 Apr 2023

Hi Deborah. Thank you for reaching out. We've contacted our team to fix this issue for you. The information on your Signing Agent profile should be updated shortly.

25 Jul 2023

Where can we edit the "Day" & "Evening" phone numbers? I can't seem to locate the edit button for these fields.

National Notary Association

18 Sep 2023

Hello. Our Customer Care team will be reaching out to you to further help.

20 Aug 2023

Hello, I have the same issue as Deborah Ade Johnson if you could please update the day and evening phone on my profile to show the same phone number that I have for business, home, and mobile. Thanks.

National Notary Association

21 Aug 2023

Hello. You can contact our Customer Care team at to request assistance in updating your profile.

28 Sep 2023

I am trying to add a photo to my profile. I can't see to see where I can add it

National Notary Association

29 Sep 2023

Hello. Please contact our Customer Care team at and they can assist you.

06 Feb 2024

I noticed that my profile does not show that I have completed the NSA training. How can I get that updated?

National Notary Association

29 Feb 2024

Hello. A review has been done on your profile, and it correctly displays your certification. We could not locate the NSA training completion that would provide you with the trained badge.

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