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Why bilingual Notaries are in demand

A hand hovering a finger over a chat icon with symbols for different languages

Updated 1-22-24. If you speak more than one language, then you may find yourself in high demand if you become a Notary or Signing Agent.

In fact, signing services such as Diamond Star™ Notaries place a premium on bilingual and multilingual Notaries.

“Bilingual language skills are not a requirement for the Notaries we hire,” says Diamond Star President Philipe Doren, “but I do look first for bilingual Notaries. If they can speak in the native tongue of our non-English speaking clients, they will be called first.”

A nationwide signing service, Diamond Star receives a solid amount of requests for non-English speaking notarizations. Currently, in addition to English, Diamond Star receives the most requests for notarizations in Portuguese, Hindi, Chinese dialects and other Asian languages.

How well should a Notary Signing Agent speak other languages?

Doren himself speaks five languages, and he expects the bilingual NSAs he hires to be able to conduct signings with a high level of language proficiency.

“Conversational language skills aren’t enough,” explains Doren. “Business fluency is very important. They need to be able to conduct a closing the exact same way as they would in English.”

In other words, Signing Agents need to know how to provide clear explanations and answer questions without crossing the boundary into offering advice. For Doren, NSAs who possess this level of language fluency are given an almost automatic advantage on their competition, and he’s willing to go the extra mile to get them to the required proficiency levels.  

“I have a questionnaire that I give all our potential Notary hires, and I include a question about foreign language skills,” says Doren.

Once he establishes that a Notary hire is multilingual, he will further vet him or her to ensure they are able to conduct signings in the secondary language.

Demand for bilingual Signing Agents is high

The demand for competent bilingual NSAs is great enough that Doren will work with Notaries who don’t have experience with foreign-language assignments or whose language skills are rusty.

Among other things, he will even have them shadow him at signing appointments, and he will help them create a “script” they can use as they strengthen their skills.

While bilingual Notaries aren’t paid any differently than their monolingual counterparts, Doren says they are likely to receive more overall business, given the increased need for signings conducted in non-English languages.

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10 Dec 2014

Besides Spanish, which languages are the most in demand? I live in St Louis where more Bosnian or Serbo-Croatian is spoken than Spanish (for now, anyway). I am fluent in Italian and can bone up if it will be worth the effort here. Fyi any signer that speaks Bosnian or Serbo-Croatian in the St Louis area will go at a premium.

John Encinio

11 Dec 2014

I would like to see a copy of the "script" you use for Spanish speaking notaries.

Anna Gutierrez, Sacramento Valley Mobile Notary

06 Mar 2017

Great article!


11 Jun 2018

As a bilingual (Spanish) signing agent I find it frustrating that we aren't paid more for our services. Due to so much fraud in the past, many borrowers require care and the closings take extra time. We aren't just notaries, we are there to represent the title/escrow companies and lenders in the most professional, competent manner possible. And quite frankly, I don't want more business that takes longer without being compensated accordingly.


11 Jun 2018

Great article! Thank you for sharing. I'm bilingual , this article helped me see how important my first language is in the Notary business!

Yen-Suong Le

11 Jun 2018

The picture has no Vietnamese language! I have been a long time Notary Signing Agent with Vietnamese as second language. If you need my services please let me know, I am willing to help.

Laura Meza-Zúñiga

24 Apr 2023

Hello. Can you please let me know how to get added onto the list? I am a member.

National Notary Association

26 Apr 2023

Hello. Are you referring to the NNAs Notary directory? If you are a background screened and certified NSA through the NNA, you are eligible for a listing on and can include information that you are fluent in different languages in your listing. Please contact our Customer Care team at and they can provide you with further assistance.

Maria Makos

05 Feb 2024

I am a multi-lingual notary. Spanish, Italian and Polish I can read and write Italian and Spanish. Only speak Polish I would like additional details and respond to any questions. Thank you. Maria Makos

David Towers

05 Feb 2024

I disagree with the premise of needing business-level language skills. The notary's primary job is to witness signatures and verify identity. If the signer cannot read the English document he/she is signing, then they shouldn't be signing at all, regardless of what the notary says or doesn't say.

20 Feb 2024

Comments like: "If the signer cannot read the English document he/she is signing, then they shouldn't be signing at all, regardless of what the notary says or doesn't say." make it sound like a non-English speaking person is out of options for dealing with legal paperwork. I hope that whoever utters this insensitive comment does not ever need help with a document drafted in a language he does not speak or comprehend.

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