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SEO For Notary Signing Agents: Converting Web Traffic Into Cash

eFiles.jpgIn part two of this SEO series we discussed how to use the internet to stand out as a Notary entrepreneur. In the final installment, we explore techniques and tactics you can use to bring in qualified traffic that will actually convert to customers and dollars for your business.

Create Fresh Content with Blogging

Search algorithms love to see websites updated regularly with fresh, original content. If you have time to blog, you definitely should. Not only will it help your rankings, but it provides free educational content to your readers.

For instance, if you were looking to buy a new smart phone, would you rather buy from the website that has product reviews, long descriptions, videos demos, and more, or from the website that simply lists the product and a “buy now” button? I’m sure you would spend time looking at the product, reading reviews, and watching the videos. It’s the same with any service provider. Apply that logic to your business. A person needing the services of a mobile Notary finds your website, which has a great blog that talks about all sorts of Notary-related issues, and a competitor’s site that only includes their name and phone number. Who do you think they would call?

Further, by having great content on your blog, people are more likely to link to your website or to share it via social media simply because it’s useful content. For instance, if you wrote an article on the “5 Travel Documents that Require Notarization,” see if a local travel agency would want to link to that article.

Manhattan-Chamber-Commerce.jpgGet Relevant Links

Getting people to link to your website can be a difficult task, but the results are worthwhile. Good, relevant links help your website to rank better and also provide great referral traffic. As a Notary, consider where you want your customers to come from. Start with the basics. If you belong to any association or business organization, make sure you are listed with a link on their website. For example: the Chamber of Commerce, local clubs, and organizations. If you’ve worked consistently with a business (local bank, realtor, insurance agent or travel agency), see if there is a way that you can be listed as a resource on their website. You probably won’t get a link from Zillow, but maybe the real estate agent who you’ve worked with in mortgage closings will link to you.

If you can get a link from a .gov or .edu site, you’ve hit the jackpot. Links like this are much more reputable than .com, .biz, .net, etc. Are there government anti-fraund organizations in your area that you could join or contribute to? Is there a local university where students might be interested in interning with a Notary for a few weeks?

Be creative about getting links. Think outside the box and see what sorts of opportunities exist in your area. Could you possibly write a guest post for a real estate agent in your area that focuses on mortgage signings? What about volunteering or sponsoring an event at a local food bank or charity? Most places have thank you pages for sponsors and volunteers with links to their websites. Think about getting links as PR. It’s all about building your brand and getting your name out into the community.

Get started on these basic SEO tactics and you can start turning your Notary Signing Agent Business into a full-on brand!

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Caitlin Dodds is an Online PR Specialist at Web Talent Marketing.

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