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NSA Tips: Dealing With Challenging Signers

From belligerent borrowers to over-zealous house pets, ultra-messy households to overly-chatty signers, Notary Signing Agents encounter their fair share of challenging situations.

NSA Fees Under Attack

Notary Signing Agent fees — always a prime concern for Notaries and Notary Signing Agents across the country — have become the topic of a wider, national debate in recent years.

Five Tips For Starting Your Own Notary Business

Whether you are looking to take your Notary career to the next level as a Notary Signing Agent, or are considering opening a small business that includes Notary services, Elaine Wright, who has crafted a successful Notary career, has advice to offer.

Hotline Tip: How To Prevent Rushing Through A Signing

During a recent closing, a very frantic signer insisted on rushing me through the signing process, which resulted in a missed signature. Do you have any advice as to how to avoid this happening in the future?

A Brave New World For Signing Agents

For most of the past decade, the mortgage industry as a whole viewed what happened at the closing table as an afterthought. Now it matters.Notaries — and specifically Notary Signing Agents— will be held to higher standards of training, compliance, and professional conduct than ever before.

Quiz: Dealing With Expired ID

Identifying a document signer is a Notary’s most important role, but it becomes a lot trickier when the signer’s identification has expired. What do you do then? Take our quiz to test how much you know about handling expired identification.