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Marketing Tips: Ways To Find New Customers

OutreachThumb.jpgOne of the biggest challenges for any Notary entrepreneur is finding customers. Daniel Lewis of Carmel, Indiana, the NNA’s 2010 Notary of the Year and an experienced Signing Agent, recently shared some of the techniques he used to build a thriving signing service and training company.

Using the web is a two-way street. If you spot a business in your area you think could benefit from a Notary, ‘follow’ or ‘like’ them on social media sites to find out how your services can be most helpful to them, Lewis recommends. Many businesses have an online presence, and the more you learn about a potential customer, the more likely you will be to make a successful connection with them. Lewis said he often reaches out to new customers first via social media sites — for example, by reposting or sharing one of the customer’s posts — then later following up with an email or a phone call. “I have found this method over a period of several weeks to be effective,” he said.

Don’t forget, keeping your own contact information available through an up-to-date website or profile on a listing website such as also helps a Notary stand out and stay visible to potential customers.

Sponsor community events with local businesses. Another way to promote your services is to ask local businesses to team up with you for Notary-related educational events.

“Recently I walked into my bank, and they had a sign posted about a new loan product,” Lewis said. “I asked the bank manager if we could do a presentation together to educate the community about it.” Lewis says this not only built a stronger relationship between himself and the bank, but other financial institutions in the area have now contacted him to do similar events, helping him to reach a wider potential customer base.

Network with other Notaries in your area. Building good relationships with other Notaries in your area can be very helpful to your business. For example, Lewis says when demand for his services is high and he is unable to accept an assignment, he frequently refers signers to other Notaries in his area who in turn do the same for him.

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association.

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