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Earn Extra Income Using Skills And Qualifications You Already Have


Have an accounting degree gathering dust, a talent for event planning, or a speedy words-per-minute typing skill going to waste? Notary entrepreneurs are finding new ways to generate extra income using skills and knowledge they already have. The key is figuring out how to best market those skills to add value for your clients. Successful small business owners weigh in on how they have managed to take their skills — from tax services and transcribing to event planning and bookkeeping — and turn them into paychecks.

Personal Concierge

Who couldn’t use an extra pair of hands to run errands, schedule events, research and book travel plans, and more? Becoming a personal concierge can be a low-investment role perfect for organized individuals with flexible schedules and strong people skills. Choose the services you wish to provide — whether it’s booking travel arrangements online, tackling your client’s grocery list, or waiting in line for clients at the Department of Motor Vehicles — and get paid for your time and efforts. The National Concierge Association (NCA) provides more information. Members receive access to mentor programs, online tools and resources, educational conferences, and the NCA Certification Program for Concierges.

Bookkeeping and Tax Services

If you are a qualified tax professional (or want to become one), you can provide freelance financial services. Bay Area Mobile Notary Katherine Meurer, who balances her life as a PTA mom and small business owner, created a website to market her small business, which offers bookkeeping services from simple quarterly bank reconciliations to taking care of every financial aspect of her client’s business. When creating a business website, follow Meurer’s lead by prominently highlighting your location, contact information, fees, and the specific services you provide. Meurer includes a listing of her professional associations as well, including the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).

Administrative Support

Notaries with stellar communication, organization, typing, transcribing or other administrative skills can be a valuable asset to busy clients in need of a virtual assistant. Create a comprehensive list of services you are qualified — and willing — to perform for clients, and find ways to advertise your offerings to potential customers such as a website, social media, or placing an ad in a local paper. Small business owner and California Notary Cheryl Casebolt offers a variety of concierge and administrative services to her clients, which she markets through Internet listings, social media networking, and by placing ads in her local Chamber of Commerce publications. She’s also joined a women’s networking group and posts her business cards and fliers wherever there’s potential for new business.

Kelle Clarke is a Contributing Editor with the National Notary Association.


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10 Feb 2015

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31 Aug 2017

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