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Healthcare Workers Optimistic About Employment Despite Tough Economy

Despite high unemployment, half of all healthcare workers remain confident in their ability to find jobs in a tough market, according to survey data recently released by Randstad Healthcare.

The survey, which included healthcare administrators, physicians and other healthcare professionals, found that while 43 percent of healthcare workers believe the strength of the economy is weakening, 51 percent still expressed confidence in their ability to find jobs.

Steve McMahan, executive vice president of Randstad US, Professionals, said the court decision in favor of federal healthcare reform earlier this year has bolstered workers’ confidence.

“The recent decision by the United States Supreme Court to uphold the healthcare reform legislation … all but ensures the future growth of the healthcare industry,” he said. “Understandably, healthcare workers are concerned about the overall economy, but at the same time, this does not seem to be hampering their personal confidence in their own abilities and attractiveness to other potential employers.”

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