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Study Offers Tips On Mitigating Risk And Protecting Data

For independent business owners working in the digital era, the conveniences of smartphones, laptops and tablets can also prove risky when it comes to opening new pathways for cyber-thieves. Data breaches can be costly to Notary entrepreneurs, both in financial terms and in damage to your professional reputation.

A recent Ponemon Institute study, commissioned by Trend Micro, identified the data security risks facing all small businesses and offered several practical, risk-mitigating strategies that apply well to Notary Signing Agents and other Notary entrepreneurs looking to protect themselves against data theft or loss.

Avoid Negligence
Human error is the biggest cause of data loss — an estimated 3.5 new threats are created every second. Something as simple as clicking on a spam-embedded link or failing to change passwords or leaving a system unattended can pave the way for cyber-criminals to steal your valuable data. Change your passwords regularly, using secure ones that won’t be easily guessed; log off restricted sites if not using them; and always keep your laptop, phones, or other devices carefully guarded.

Mobility Doesn’t Equal Safety
While we all value the flexibility and convenience offered by our mobile devices, don’t make the error of storing sensitive data on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop as this increases the chance that your confidential information could be compromised. Always keep your mobile devices secure, and free of easily accessible data.

Back It Up!
The study found that less than half of small and medium businesses regularly back up their data, leaving them very few options should a disaster strike. Experts recommend utilizing an automated backup and recovery strategy, taking the guess work out of data security and ensuring that you won’t lose everything if you, lose your phone or experience a desktop meltdown

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