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Financial Institutions Implementing National Mortgage Settlement Servicing Standards

By Michael Lewis on September 06, 2012 - The five financial institutions that were part of the National Mortgage Settlement have “implemented between 35 and 72 percent of the servicing standards” mandated by the agreement, according to an interim progress report.

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Hotline Tip: Can I Officiate At My Friend's Wedding?

By NNA Staff on September 06, 2012 - A close friend asked if I can officiate her wedding, now that I’ve taken my oath and become an Ohio Notary. Am I able to do so?

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Identity Thieves Target Mobile Devices

By NNA Staff on September 06, 2012 - With tens of millions of people now conducting business via mobile devices, identity thieves have turned to hacking smartphones to steal consumers’ personal information, according to government and industry experts.

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