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What Notaries Need To Know About The SB 1070 Supreme Court Case

The Immigration Policy Center recently published a guide explaining the impact of Arizona’s controversial immigration laws — known as SB 1070 — at both a state and federal level, as similar types of laws are being considered across the nation. A solid understanding of this ground-breaking legislation can be key for Notaries to ensure compliance and accuracy within their own jurisdiction.

The IPC's Q&A Guide to Arizona V. United States offers details about the case, provides answers to many commonly asked questions, and includes detailed explanations of the provisions of the law that are currently being debated by the Supreme Court.

Understanding the issues at stake in the Arizona case can be helpful to Notaries nationwide, particularly those involved in immigration-related jobs, or those who may be asked to notarize for signers they suspect may be illegal immigrants.

While it is never the Notary's job to determine a signer's legal residency status, a Notary is responsible for ensuring the authenticity of a client's identification and for performing notarial acts as prescribed by their commission and in compliance with all state laws.

The NNA recommends that Notaries working both in Arizona and across the nation protect themselves and their signers by becoming educating on the laws within their states and by always avoiding the unauthorized practice of law, which includes offering advice or services beyond the scope of their commission.

Those interested in learning more about SB 1070 may find answers at this year's Conference 2012, where Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett will be participating in the Secretary of State Keynote Panel to discuss issues important to Notaries nationwide. You can also check out this year's Conference agenda for a list of other panel discussions, interactive roundtables, keynote speakers, and more.

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