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May Webinars Focus On Workplace Notarizations, NNA Conference 2012 FAQs

NotaryBulletinIcon612.jpgThe NNA has added two new webinars to its May series — the first one will focus on strategies that Notaries can use when faced with improper notarization requests in the workplace; the second will provide timely information and updates regarding this year's NNA Conference 2012, to be held in San Diego, California on June 3-6. Both webinars will take place live on Friday, May 18th and are offered free of charge to NNA Members.

"Sorry, Boss, No Can Do!" — Register: 9 .a.m course | 11 a.m. course (PT)

Notaries in the workplace often find themselves in the sticky scenario of being asked by their managers or co-workers to perform improper notarizations. These requests can include notarizing for absent signers or signers who fail to present proper identification. This webinar offers strategies Notaries can follow when placed in such a predicament. Upon completion of this webinar, Notaries will be able to:

  • Identify improper requests for notarizations and learn how to refuse them
  • Effectively explain to their employers why a request is considered improper
  • Differentiate the Notary's responsibilities as an employee from the Notary's responsibilities as a public official.

Conference FAQs — 2pm (PT)

This interactive webinar will answer questions about and feature updates being made to Conference 2012, including information on the workshops, general sessions, special events, and guest speakers being added daily to the Conference agenda. Attendees will have the opportunity to post questions live while the webinar is in session.

Both webinars will be made available online on Monday, May 21st.

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