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Conference 2012 Panels To Focus On Risk Management For Notary Employers

Conf2012-logo.jpgProperly trained and supervised Notaries are key to an organization’s ability to protect themselves from risk and fraud. The 34th Annual NNA Conference offers a wide range of panels and expert-led roundtable discussions designed specifically for Notary employers, focusing on the challenges of ensuring compliance and offering solutions on how to create effective Notary oversight programs. The panels include:

  • Compliance and Liability Issues:A examination of the challenges of managing risk activity, and the solutions to ensure compliance and prevent liability.
  • Notary Compliance with the National Mortgage Settlement:This seminar will discuss compliance education requirements; tracking and reporting components; results of recently published HUD audits; and ways to develop effective Policies for Notary Employees and Notarization.
  • The Risk that Comes from Employing Notaries: Common errors and misconduct by Notary staff can impact both a company’s reputation and its bottom line. This panel discusses the cost of negligence and provides action steps to prevent errors from a surety company's perspective.
  • Utilizing Your Notaries to Attract Customers: Having Notaries on staff can save your organization time while adding extra value for your customers. This panel will discuss ways you can use your Notary employees to attract clients and enhance customer loyalty.
  • Developing Effective Policies for Notary Employees and Notarizations: This discussion advises companies on how to ensure compliance with Notary law and best practices while also focusing on an organization's need to achieve its business goals.
  • Managing Notary Risk: Panel Discussion: Join in an important Q&A session with industry leaders and experts discussing landmark Notary lawsuits and the importance of Errors & Omission (E&O) insurance.

The Conference 2012 agenda offers additional details on these informative panels, as well as a wide variety of panel discussions, interactive labs and roundtables, and expert keynote speakers suitable for both Notaries and their employers and supervisors. Conference attendees will find panels customized to match their career level and industry, making it easy to get the most out of their Conference experience.

Kelle Clarke is a Contributing Editor with the National Notary Association.

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