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New NNA Web Page Offers Tips To Reduce Risk Of Lawsuits

Between the highly publicized instances of improperly notarized documents in the mortgage industry and high profile court cases involving notarial mistakes, Notaries are more likely to be named in costly lawsuits — even if the Notary did everything right. To help Notaries better protect themselves and reduce the risk of liability, the NNA has created a Web page offering tips and advice on how to prevent lawsuits.

The page includes videos with general tips on how to avoid mistakes that can lead to lawsuits, what steps to take if you are sued, a downloadable PDF document Notaries can print and use as reference, and links to information on Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance and surety bonds.

Please note that the site offers general guidelines to help reduce liability risk and does not constitute legal advice. Notaries in need of legal advice should consult a qualified attorney.

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