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NNA Launches 'Notary Knowledge' Public Awareness Campaign

The National Notary Association has announced the launch of its Notary Knowledge public awareness campaign designed to educate the public on what Notaries do, how they protect the public and businesses, and what can happen when they are not involved in a transaction.

Notary Knowledge outlines several topics that are unfamiliar to the public, but essential to understanding the role they play in the economy and consumer confidence. It features videos from Alabama Secretary of State Beth Chapman, Maryland Attorney General Douglas A. Gansler, and Legal Scholar Patricia B. Fry sharing their views on the importance of the Notary office, as well as additional resources to help the public understand more about America’s impartial third-party witnesses.

Key topics include how Notaries protect consumers, fundamental Notary practices, how the foreclosure “robo-signing” crisis could have been avoided, how “notarios publico”prey on unsuspecting immigrants, the emerging use of electronic notarization, and the importance of Notary education and training, among others.

“With 4.8 million Notaries nationally, it is essential that we focus on the fundamentals of the role of the Notary,” said National Notary Association Chief Executive Officer Marc Reiser. “Notaries provide an extremely important function in society and the public is well served to understand how Notaries protect them.”

Visit Notary Knowledge today to expand your Notary knowledge.

About the National Notary Association

Established in 1957, the National Notary Association (NNA) is the leading professional authority on the American Notary and is dedicated to educating, serving, and advocating for the nation’s 4.8 million Notaries. The NNA imparts comprehensive notarial knowledge and understanding, promotes a positive public perception of the Notary office, and bolsters consumer protection by promoting best practices. The Association’s accredited professional programs, services, and model legislation help Notaries advance their careers and serve the American public with the highest level of professionalism and ethics. To learn more, visit us at

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