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Q&A: Job Trends For Notaries In The Legal Profession

In today’s economy, finding employment in the legal field can be challenging. But with a few tips and a little motivation you can get yourself ahead of the game.The Legal Professionals Section spoke with Marge Dover, executive director of the National Association of Legal Assistants, about job trends in today’s economy and what areas of law practice have need for Notaries.

What areas in the legal landscape have an increasing need for Notaries?
It depends because notarization requirements vary from state to state. But generally speaking there is a strong need for Notaries in any area in which property rights are being transferred or acquired. That includes estate planning, labor, banking and securities, general corporations and other areas.

Do Notaries need additional training if they are interested in working as a paralegal or legal assistant in a particular field?
Usually the standard training and education for paralegals is sufficient for whatever area of practice someone chooses to work in. Since paralegals work under the supervision of attorneys, they would need to work with attorneys in those particular fields to determine if any additional training or courses are required for their job. But be careful when it comes to advertising your services. Many states prohibit legal professionals from advertising as “specialists” — for example, some states don’t permit someone to say “I specialize in family law” in ads.

Where are the best places for Notaries to look for employment in the legal profession?
It depends on your interest and personal preferences. If you enjoy high-pressure work, you may do well working in the area of litigation. If you prefer working with numbers, real estate or taxation might interest you. Look in the areas in which you have interest, identify the sources where you can find job listings, and then start networking and sending resumes.

What other tips can you provide Notaries looking for employment?
Take the common sense approach of looking for jobs that follow the economy in your area. Here in Oklahoma where NALA is based, there’s a large oil and gas industry, so there’s more work for legal professionals involving oil, land and mineral rights. In Florida, there’s a lot of foreclosures going on, so there are likely to be more need for legal professionals in that area. Knowing your local economy and industries is important.

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