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Panelists Share Views On The Role and Responsibilities Of Notaries

One of the most important presentations at the 33rd Annual National Notary Association Conference was a panel discussion entitled “Why Notarization Is More Relevant And Vital Than Ever.” The panel included leading experts on notarization from across the nation to deliver their views on the role and responsibilities of Notaries, and to discuss misperceptions often held by the public and employers that rely upon them.

Held during the Conference’s Opening General Session in Las Vegas, the panel was moderated by the NNA’s 2009 Notary of the Year Elaine Wright, and included top legal expert and Notary law Professor Emeritus Michael Closen; Montana state official Lori Hamm, who supervises Notary compliance and training for the Secretary of State’s office; and Russell Cruzan of Texas, who oversees training of employees in Notary best practices at multiple banks and financial institutions in his state.

The panel discussed how many non-Notaries — including a variety of state lawmakers — dismiss notarization as “unimportant” because of their lack of understanding of the protections Notaries lend. They also discussed best practices, satisfactory evidence of identity, and personal appearance.

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