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Hotline Tip: How Do I Handle An Out-Of-State Acknowledgment Certificate?

NNA Hotline Tips For NotariesIt is becoming fairly common for Notaries to be presented with a document that includes an out-of-state acknowledgment certificate. You can use it, provided it complies with the one you use in your state. Just make sure it does not require you to make an assertion that your state prohibits, such as certifying a person’s title or other representative capacity.

If the certificate is significantly different or you’re uncertain, use a loose certificate from your state. Also, don’t let anyone pressure you to use an out-of-state form if you’re uncomfortable with it. You’re the commissioned Notary, and no one can demand that you disobey your state laws.

If you use a loose certificate, let your signer know that you’re replacing the certificate that came with the document and explain why. This can help avert problems later.

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