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National Notary Foundation: Join Together To Help Disaster Victims In America's Heartland

Please open your hearts for our nation’s heartland … we need your help today. Please give to the National Notary Foundation for the victims of the tornadoes and floods that have torn through our country’s heartland in recent weeks. Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Texas have all been struck by deadly storms within the last week alone — with tornadoes killing hundreds of people, devastating countless lives, destroying land and homes, and leaving thousands of people homeless and suffering.

Adding to the level of destruction in the region, the banks of the Mississippi recently flooded to unprecedented levels, forcing people out of their homes and farms and causing massive and widespread destruction to cities and farmland along the banks of the fertile delta. As a result of these natural disasters, thousands of misplaced Americans have lost everything and continue to suffer the dire consequences.

To help these victims in our nation’s heartland, the National Notary Foundation is asking Notaries, as well as their family and friends, to reach into your hearts and wallets and make a donation to the American Heartland Relief Fund.After you donate, we ask that you spread the word by posting “I donated to the National Notary Foundation’s American Heartland Relief Fund,” on the NNA’s Facebook page.

Your contributions will help the Salvation Army deliver necessary food and supplies to these victims. When you donate through the National Notary Foundation, you are assured that 100% of your contribution goes directly to the relief effort – there are no administrative or hidden fees. Please make your tax deductible donation now, eitheronline, by phone at 1-800-US-NOTARY (1-800-876-6827) or by writing your check to the National Notary Foundation’s “American Heartland Relief” Fund:, P.O. Box 541032, Los Angeles, CA 90054-1032.


The National Notary Foundation is a nonprofit corporation established exclusively for charitable and educational purposes under Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3). The Foundation supports scholarship, education, research, personal achievement, and humanitarian and philanthropic projects.

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