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NNA Whitepaper Highlights Why America's 'Impartial Witnesses' Are More Important Than Ever

The National Notary Association has released a Whitepaper entitled, “Why Notarization Is More Relevant And Vital Than Ever.” The Whitepaper comes in the wake of the recent foreclosure documents crisis, which revealed that the role of the Notary Public and the fundamentals of notarization are not fully understood by the public and many others including legislators, public officials and industry leaders.

The Whitepaper addresses why notarization remains essential to protecting the integrity of today’s transactions, what specifically occurs in a notarial act, and the three primary types of official notarizations. It also details how America’s Notaries Public help deter fraud and forgery by serving as trusted, impartial witnesses to millions of business transactions every day.

“Though new processes and technologies bring speed and convenience to many of today’s transactions, the physical presence of a Notary ensures that the signer was aware of the document being signed, acted willingly, and was the person they claimed to be,” said National Notary Association Director of External Communications Michael Robinson. “This Whitepaper provides a clear explanation of a Notary’s responsibilities so that readers have a firm understanding of the Notary office.”

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