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Hotline Tip: What Is An International Driver's License?

NNA Hotline Tips For NotariesAn "International Driver's License" (IDL) or "International Driver's Permit" (IDP) is a document that permits a traveler to operate a motor vehicle when visiting a foreign country. For example, if a U.S. citizen wanted to drive a car while visiting France, the prospective tourist could apply for an IDL.

Many con-artists in the United States sell fake IDLs and falsely claim they can replace a license or ID issued by a U.S. state. An IDL is not valid in the driver's home country, and is not a satisfactory form of ID for notarization. Notaries should never accept any document purported to be an "IDL" as proof of a signer's identity.

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23 Sep 2014

It appears that you lumped IDP with IDL with out explaining if the IDP was valid. What makes the IDP invalid? I actually saw one and it is backed by a treaty. What do you have to show it is not valid?

National Notary Association

23 Sep 2014

Hello Cherie, thank you for your question. As mentioned in the article, the International Driver's License is a document that authorizes a traveler to operate a motor vehicle abroad. While it certainly may be valid for that purpose, it is only intended for use when traveling in another country and does not replace an officially issued driver's license in the United States, though some dishonest companies in the U.S. fraudulently advertise the IDL as a form of ID. If you have other questions on this topic or would like to discuss this issue further with our Communications team, please feel free to email us at Thanks and have a great day.

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