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"Most Notarized" Poll Shows Great Diversity

While people commonly associate notarization with real estate transactions, nearly three-fourths of all signed and sealed documents involve other transactions and industries, according to respondents to the November poll featured in the Notary Bulletin. The results demonstrate the great prevalence and need for Notaries in all walks of life.

Real estate documents still are encountered more than any other type, reported 27.5 percent of respondents. Coming in a close second, 25 percent reported they handle mostly legal, court and law enforcement documents. In third place with 22.5 percent were Notaries who said they handle a wide variety of documents.

Notaries working mainly with financial documents followed at 15 percent, while the fewest respondents specialized in immigration documents or chose “other,” both at 5 percent.

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Quiz: The Many Types Of Notarial Acts

Notaries perform many different duties for the public — and it’s easy to lose track of the different acts and what states they’re authorized in. Test your familiarity with common — and uncommon — notarial acts.

(A link to the correct answers is provided at the end of the quiz.)

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