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Why Contributions to Education Are Important

Because education is a nation's most critical long-term investment, the National Notary Foundation is committed to expanding opportunities for those seeking to further their education.

The Foundation's charter calls for all proceeds to go toward scholarship, education, research, personal achievement and humanitarian projects. Within this scope, the Foundation has managed to diversify its giving.

One example of the Foundation's largess comes through the National Notary Association's annual March Fong Eu Achievement Award, given to an individual who, in the judgment of the Association's Executive Committee, has done the most to improve the standards, image and effectiveness of the Notary Public office. The recipient then designates a grant to the educational institution of his or her choice.

Education is Important

The Foundation has also established an endowed annual scholarship for a Florida State University College of Law student.

"This scholarship brings recognition to deserving students and eases the financial burden of attending law school," said Nancy Benavides, assistant dean for student affairs at the FSU College of Law. "The students and the administration greatly appreciate the Foundation's commitment to Florida State and the College of Law."

Education is the foundation for a strong democracy and strong economy for all nations, and it should be the first and highest priority for our time and resources. It also provides individuals with the freedom to learn throughout their lives, the power to improve themselves socially and financially, and the opportunity to be a better citizen with greater respect for others.

Additionally, education fuels opportunity, unleashes individual creativity and provides medical breakthroughs that saves millions of lives.

The Foundation works closely with other institutions to strengthen educational incentives and support research.

The future of our country rests on the ability to provide motivated persons with the education to compete in the global economy. Education is the most important long-term investment we can make in the future.

The National Notary Foundation is a nonprofit corporation established exclusively for charitable and educational purposes under Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3). The Foundation supports scholarship, education, research, personal achievement, and humanitarian and philanthropic projects.