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3 ways to get the best search results from your profile

A directory listing is a great way to find customers for your Notary business. There are more than 19,000 searches for Notary services every month on the site. But it’s crucial for you to provide enough information so potential customers know you are the right Notary for their needs.

To do that, you need to make sure to optimize your profile and include the following information:

  1. Provide detailed contact information for your Notary business.
  2. Remember to list the areas you serve, the times you’re available, and how far you can travel.
  3. Don’t forget to let people know your specialties and skills.

Provide detailed contact information for your Notary business

It’s not just enough for customers to find your listing on — they have to be able to get in touch with you to set up the notarization. Make sure your profile includes all contact information signers can use to get in touch with you, such as your Notary business email address and mobile phone number.

Starting in July 2024, you can also opt to receive text messages from customers on FindaNotary. This new feature makes it easier for customers to connect with you to verify your availability and set up timely appointments. (Watch for an email from the NNA soon with instructions on how to opt in or opt out of text messaging options.)

Be sure not only to include all your preferred contact information but also check your profile to make sure the information is correct with no spelling errors.

List the areas you serve, your available service times, and your travel radius

When customers need a Notary, it’s often on short notice. They need to know if you’re available when they need their notarization completed, and if you can travel to them. There’s nothing as frustrating as being told “Sorry, but your area is too far for me to drive to,” when contacting a Notary for urgent help.

When creating your profile, you will help customers enormously if you list the days and hours you are available to notarize, cities and regions in your area that you are willing to travel to, and the maximum distance you’re willing to travel for assignments. This makes life much easier for both signers and you, as they will know immediately from your profile if you are a good fit for their schedule, and you won’t get calls for times and locations that you cannot accommodate.

Let customers know your specialties and other skills in your profile

Finally, don’t forget to let potential customers know if you have special skills that can help them with their notarization. Do you speak more than one language? Are you experienced in notarizing particular types of documents, such as powers of attorney, travel documents or living trusts? How much experience do you have working as a Notary?

These details help show signers that you are the best Notary for their needs, so remember to include them in your profile.

Your profile is your way to introduce yourself to customers, and first impressions are important. The more they know about you, the more they can judge if you are the best Notary for them to work with. So, don’t be shy, and don’t leave your profile blank. The more details you give customers about what you can offer them, the more likely it is you will be getting messages from them asking for upcoming Notary appointments. Good luck!

David Thun is the Editorial Manager at the National Notary Association.


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06 Jul 2024

Recommend you add RON services and NSA services on the offerings on the Find A Notary website so it can be populated on the individual Notary data. .

National Notary Association

08 Jul 2024

Thank you for your suggestion!

Monica A.

08 Jul 2024

I used "FindaNotary" when offered by the NNA. Only 1 person contacted me in those few months that my listing was up (I'm in CA). I chose not to renew as it was not helpful for me. It may work for others, especially in other states. If you're one of many thousands of notaries across CA or other states, let us know how this site has been for you.

Nona Ensley

09 Jul 2024

Great information..


09 Jul 2024

I was talked into getting Find a Notary with the NNA and not one time did I get a called. So I felt I just wasted my money.

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