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Can there be wording for an acknowledgment and jurat on the same page?

Can there be verbiage for a jurat and acknowledgment on the same page? Is this a normal thing?J.W., Alabama

Yes. We’ve seen this done in a couple of ways. One variation is when the document will have entire free-standing notarial certificates of acknowledgment, verification (or jurat), or proof of execution below. Another variation is when both are combined into one notarial certificate. We call that a “hybrid” notarial certificate. An example of one such certificate could read, “Subscribed, sworn, and acknowledged before me on (date.)”

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J.A. Evans

11 Jul 2022

I would like to see state-specific answers regarding this. This answer is very vague and could lead notaries to believe that "yes" is the final answer in their state. Here in California I would encourage ALL notaries to consult the SOS for legal answers to save them from redoing work or a fine.

Samantha Lee

11 Jul 2022

So when you see the hybrid wording: “Subscribed, sworn, and acknowledged before me on (date.)” Do you count this as one or two notarizations for your journal & state fees you are allowed to charge?

National Notary Association

14 Jul 2022

Thank you for your question! Even though the certificate wording is hybrid, it would correspond to a single notarial act and would count for one notarization.

Dana Jollota

11 Jul 2022

I agree with J.A. that this didn't really give an answer how to deal with it. I'm also in CA and we are strictly limited to using state specific formats. Whenever I see a hybrid, I go back to the source and explain the two different forms we have and ask them which one they want me to use since I cannot use theirs. Most of these come from attorneys that want to cover all bases on one form and they understand when I tell them it has to be one or the other.


17 Jul 2022

CA notary law is a perfect example of over regulation not keeping up with the changing demands of the market. Hybrid Notorial Certificates have come into use because they are needed or desired by the entities paying for the service. It’s a simple way to include everything needed in one act. Leave it to regulatory politicians to complicate such a simple process.

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