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Take our 2022 Notary census survey

A laptop computer on a desk showing a survey form

Take the NNA 2022 Notary Survey

Every 5 years, the NNA conducts a census of Notary information in the United States. We’d like to ask for your help by participating in our 2022 Notary census survey. Your participation will provide us with valuable demographic information that will help the NNA serve you better. Participants also have the option to be entered in a drawing to receive a $100 Amazon gift card. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

2022 Notary Census Survey

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Geoffrey Henry

23 May 2022

Hope to provide valuable questionnaire survey.

Timika M Lay

25 May 2022

a great many

Carla Brown

25 May 2022

As a notary, you have to do notary business within the prescribed limits every day

Matthew Moore

25 May 2022


James P Burns

28 May 2022

To handle notarial services within the prescribed scope

Amanda D Matthew

28 May 2022

I refuse to answer that question


30 May 2022

Nice Information.


24 Jun 2022

I think this survey is very meaningful

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