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Remote Notarization in CA: NNA update on pending bill being considered by State Legislature

The NNA’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Bill Anderson, provides an update to California Notaries about the status of the state’s remote notarization bill, AB 1093:

Assembly Bill 1093, California’s remote notarization bill, is set for a hearing in the Assembly Judiciary Committee this Thursday, January 13, 2022. I am writing to you in advance of the hearing to let you know the National Notary Association has been working hard to make AB 1093 the best bill possible for California Notaries.

The NNA would like to see remote notarization enacted in California, but it must be a bill that will work for you and all California Notaries who perform notarizations for employers, as a professional Notary, or both.

Because a remote notarization bill must be the right bill, we want you to know that we have some concerns with the shape of the bill in its current form.

  • We believe AB 1093 should not require you to incur the cost of a separate surety bond and county bond filing fee just to perform remote notarizations.
  • We believe AB 1093 should allow you to take one mandatory education course and examination on remote notarization from the education provider of your choice and not a course and examination every time you add or change remote notarization providers.
  • Because paper and remote notarial acts affect interstate and national commerce, we believe a remote notarization law in California also must work for consumers and Notaries of every state of our great nation. AB 1093 allows California Notaries to perform remote notarizations for consumers of other states, but it prevents Notaries of other states from performing remote notarizations for consumers located in California. That’s not right or fair. 

The NNA has voiced these concerns to the bill author and the author’s staff, the Assembly Judiciary Committee, and to stakeholders that include the Secretary of State, Attorney General, remote notarization platforms, and privacy rights, escrow, land title, mortgage banker, credit union, and Realtor® associations. We have worked — and will continue to work — to represent you and all California Notaries on these and other issues that will affect how you perform remote notarizations in California.

At this time, we are not asking you to do anything. We simply wanted to reach out to inform you of the discussions we’ve been having on AB 1093 and tell you how we feel about the bill. In the weeks ahead, we’ll keep you posted on how the effort is going. If we need you take action on the bill later, we’ll let you know.

If you would like to listen to the hearing, it’s on Thursday, January 13, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. Go to and look for the link.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me at my email address below if I can assist you in any way.


Bill Anderson
Vice President, Government Affairs

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Bror Monberg

10 Jan 2022

Thank you for the update and clear analysis.


10 Jan 2022

Here are my concerns, 1. How are we to perform notarizations that require a thumbprint online? Will that law be removed from the books once online notarization is in effect? 2. How do we keep one sequential journal with some notarizations not being in person? 3. What notations for venue will be implemented. Is it the notaries venue or the signers venue? And if the signer is in another state then current law does not allow us to notarize outside of our state. We will now be able to notarize in all states? 4. Will companies who facilitate the online notarization platform have access to our confidential journal now?

John Mead

10 Jan 2022

Thank you for the information, for your efforts in impacting this bill, and for your overall support of remote notarization being available to California Notaries.


10 Jan 2022

If RON becomes a reality I would resign. It's not worth it. Might as well make the digital provider be the RON service provider and not an individual notary. In the age of Covid I get why digital notarizations are attractive and expedient but not something for a low level employee to juggle as a side responsibility done intermittently. It's getting too expensive to be a notary.


14 Jan 2022

I hope this bill does not get passed. The RON platforms and services take so much of the notary pay that I just don't see how one could continue being a full time notary. At this time, it is against law to join together and set a minimum notary fee (or any fees for that matter). And too many services/companies are taking advantage of that and of notaries who don't understand the actual costs of running their business and notaries aren't making a proper fee. :( Us notaries need an advocate first that represents our best interests so that we can continue performing our jobs to the highest degree possible. Then we can discuss implementing other ways to perform notary work.


15 Jan 2022

if notaries from other states can perform our work, then what are we here for?


15 Jan 2022

Using the RON platform, how can I tell whether a signer is under duress or coercion from someone off-camera? How can I tell twins (or similar looking persons) apart without being up close and personal? How can I detect fake identification without holding it in my hands? Wouldn't it make more sense for California to wait and see what problems develop with other states using RON before jumping in with both feet?

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