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Notary Trends: What's your biggest Notary challenge?

Welcome to Notary Trends, our new series where we share the latest trends and developments in the Notary world from you, our readers. Throughout this year, we’ll be reaching out to ask a variety of questions about your Notary careers, and will share statistics, feedback and comments from you and your fellow Notaries in follow-up articles.

For this week, we’d like to ask you, “What’s the biggest challenge you face as a Notary?” Click on the button below to answer and keep an eye out next week when we publish your results.

January 2022 Notary Trends Question

What’s the biggest challenge you face as a Notary?

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10 Jan 2022

Where do you search for title companies and is there a list of local and regional companies the need Notary Signing agent services?

Michele Guerin

10 Jan 2022

Finding business is my greatest challenge, especially now that the Refi Boom is over and signing companies/ title companies have significantly dropped their rates for payment. My income has dropped considerably. This has become a 'pocket change' job for me as opposed to a regularly producing income business. I am trying to expand the GNW side of things, but let's face it, how often do people require a notary? Repeat business does not come as often or regularly as the bills. The best way to generate regular GNW business is to become a resource for those whose business requires a notary on a consistent basis and don't have one in their office. I find this difficult. In these Covid times over the past 2 years, marketing tactics aren't what they used to be- no dropping by anymore. I'm in Media, PA

Farok Ardesher

21 Jan 2022

Forced to do RON Notarizations, which to me will be the Biggest Fraud perpetrated on the NSA.

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