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Can I administer an oath of office to an attorney?

Am I authorized as a Notary to administer the California State's Attorney's Oath of Office to a new member of the California State Bar and if so, how do I record this in my journal? — D.A., California

Yes, California law allows Notaries to “administer oaths and affirmation, in all matters incident to the duties of the office, or to be used before any court, judge, officer or board” (GC 8205[a][2]). The type of notarial act you would record in your journal is “oath” and title of document would be “Attorney oath of office”.

Hotline answers are based on the laws in the state where the question originated and may not reflect the laws of other states. If in doubt, always refer to your own state statutes. – The Editors

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Nossa Law Office

01 Oct 2021

Great Blog. Thanks for sharing informative blog.

Peggy Sue Iinuma

02 Oct 2021

I’m a notary in Tennessee, but my question is; can I have a number to call anytime that I have a question about how to notarize something that I’m just not 100% sure about.

National Notary Association

06 Oct 2021

Hello. If you're a NNA member you can contact our Notary Hotline team for assistance by phone at 1-888-876-0827. For Hotline phone hours or to submit a question online, please see this page:

Mary Lewis

21 Jun 2022

is it permissible to certify a copy just by crimping it?

National Notary Association

22 Jun 2022

Hello. To help us answer your question, can you please tell us what state you are commissioned in?

Mary Lewis

22 Jun 2022

I am commissioned in PA.

National Notary Association

24 Jun 2022

Hello. In PA, a Notary may not certify a copy by 'crimping' it. The Notary must perform the full copy certification process and complete the appropriate Notary certificate wording. Sample wording can be found here: When certifying a copy in Pennsylvania, “A notarial officer who certifies or attests a copy of a record or an item which was copied shall determine that the copy is a complete and accurate transcription or reproduction of the record or item” (57 Pa.C.S. 305[d]). “Pennsylvania Notaries public may not certify certain Federal, State or County records. Only the agencies where these records are filed may certify copies, because they alone hold the original documents or records. This would include the following types of documents: • Birth records • Death records • Marriage records • Corporate records, i.e. Articles of Incorporation” (website, “Sample Notary Public Statements”)

13 Feb 2023

Can a Massachusetts Notary notarize a California Attorney’s Oath?

National Notary Association

13 Feb 2023

Hello. A MA Notary could only perform this notarization if the signer appeared in person before the Notary within the borders of Massachusetts. It would be the signer's responsibility to find out if the agency receiving the document would accept this notarization.

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