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First American Mortgage Solutions is looking for qualified Notary Signing Agents

First American Mortgage Solutions is looking for qualified, professional Notary Signing Agents to join its network of independent providers and help support continued volume of mortgages and loan signings expected this year.

What are the qualifications?

First American is looking for National Notary Association (NNA) credentialed members who have been certified and background screened through the association’s Notary Signing Agent Certification program. Interested Signing Agents must accept email and eDocs for assignments and fax documents when requested.

While experienced Signing Agents are preferred, new agents will be considered if they meet these qualifications and demonstrate a professional demeanor during assignments.

What documentation is required to apply?

Signing agents who wish to apply to join First American's network will need to provide the following:

  • Annual NNA Background Screening
  • First American Signature Services Enrollment Package signed and dated
  • Proof of Notary Signing Agent (NSA) annual certification (this can be found on the NSA’s profile)
  • Proof of surety bond, if required by the NSA’s commissioning state
  • Proof of Errors and Omissions insurance policy with a minimum annual coverage of $25,000
  • Updated W-9 form
  • 1 year NSA experience and at least completed 25 or more loan signing transactions (preferred)

How do Signing Agents apply and what happens next?

Signing agents can start the application process at NSA’s who meet the criteria and successfully complete the application process will be added to First American’s network of approved independent Notaries and begin receiving loan signing assignments in their area. First American pays Signing Agents in its network on a weekly basis.

Why First American?

First American Title Insurance Company is one of the largest title insurers in the nation and provides comprehensive title insurance coverage and professional services for real estate purchases, construction, refinances and equity loans.

“As part of First American’s network, signing agents will have the opportunity to work with national lenders, regional lenders and credit unions across the country on assignments,” said Robert Neely, senior director, First American Mortgage Solutions. “First American handles thousands of closings per month and provides qualifying Signing Agents with a regular flow of assignments.”


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Donna Halle

15 Apr 2021

I am interested in learning more about becoming a Notary Signing Agent. I worked for a National Title Insurance Co for 14 years and I am in the process of getting my Mortgage Broker License. I live in Tampa Bay, FL..

National Notary Association

15 Apr 2021

Hello. You can find more information here:

Janie Ayoob

19 Apr 2021

I would be delighted to become a notary signing agent for First American. I have been a notary signing agent for approx. 15 years

Dolores Spencer

19 Apr 2021

I'm interested in becoming a designated notary for First American Mortgage Solutions; however the application process and links are not properly working. If there are additional details or links that can be forwarded, I'd appreciate the update. Thank you very much, Dolores.

National Notary Association

21 Apr 2021

Hello. Please try this link: If you are still having issues, please let us know.


19 Apr 2021

I would like to join the first American title and i have done signing for the firm in the past .. Many Thanks

National Notary Association

21 Apr 2021

Hello! You can apply with First American by following the instructions and link in the article above. Good luck!

Waynathia Drake

20 Apr 2021

I would love to sign up is there an annual fee we have to pay?


20 Apr 2021

What they want to pay the signing agents is very low. Wouldn’t make it worth the while

Nikki Curiale-Garrison

20 Apr 2021

I registered on their site and when I try and log in it loops me around to register again.

Brad Kerby

20 Apr 2021

First American's website is crap. It doesn't work at all. I've tried for months to get signed up to no avail.

Steven Moncreiff

23 Apr 2021

I would like to become a registered Signing Agent with FASS

Dee J.

23 Apr 2021

This website link posted allows me to access the website but it will not allow me to upload any of my info.

National Notary Association

23 Apr 2021

Hello. We've notified First American and will let you know if we get any new information on this. Thank you for letting us know.

Angie Paniagua-Ulloa

30 Apr 2021

I'm unable to upload my application. I tried to log back into First American, but it ask me to register again. Please advise. Thank you

National Notary Association

03 May 2021

Hello. We have notified First American and they have said they are currently working to resolve this issue.

01 May 2021

I tried to save the required information to the website and it repeats saying some data have been change do you want save and continue. I say yes and it do not continue.

National Notary Association

03 May 2021

Hello. We have notified First American about the issues Notaries have reported with the link and they have told us they are working to resolve it.


18 May 2021

The site is not working properly. It keeps telling me I need to enter zip code when I've already entered the zip code and won't let me go any further.

National Notary Association

19 May 2021

Hello. We have contacted First American and they said they are working to resolve this issue with their website.


06 Jul 2021

Been calling for two days , recording keep looping that they’re closed . Press 1 to leave a message doesn’t work .

Thomas Dale Mason

28 Jul 2021

I am certified with NNA and LSS. My background check was handled by NNA. I have E&O coverage. I am working full time as a loan signing agent. I am available 7 days a week, early in the morning until late in the evening. I live in the middle of South Carolina and am willing to travel.

Karen Evette Blake Campbell

01 Oct 2021

I would live to work as a loan signing agent for the company I am a loan signing agent and notary remote are in the Houston surrounding areas.

Sabrina L Gordon

05 Oct 2021

The site still has issues. Keep getting error message for zip code entry and other little things. Not able to progress pass that one screen.


01 Nov 2021

i currently work for FA am i able to become a signing agent?

National Notary Association

01 Nov 2021

Hello. It depends what state you live in and whether you meet the qualifications. Please see these pages for more information:

LYNA Nguyen

01 Nov 2023

I’ve submitted all requested documents but have not heard back from First American title. What number do I need to call?

National Notary Association

02 Nov 2023

Hello. The number listed on the FASS Notary website is 888-270-3630.

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