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Notary COVID-19 vaccine FAQ

Notaries and Signing Agents have contacted the NNA to find out when Notaries are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. Here are answers to some of your most commonly asked questions.

Why can’t everyone get a COVID-19 vaccination right now?

Currently, availability of the vaccine is limited due to short supply and extreme weather conditions hindering distribution. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has recommended prioritizing individuals who are considered at the highest risk of COVID-19 exposure for the first phase of vaccination. 

If Notaries are considered “essential workers” for the finance industry, does that affect when they can get the vaccine? 

Last year, the Secretary of the Treasury issued a statement that workers in critical sectors of the financial industry such as settlement services — including Notaries and Signing Agents — should be allowed to continue their normal work schedules during the pandemic.

The CDC has recommended that essential workers in the finance industry be vaccinated in the first phase after healthcare workers, first responders, the elderly and those with high-risk medical conditions receive their vaccinations. However, the final decision on who gets the vaccine and when is made individually by each state. So even if you are considered an essential worker, you may not be eligible to receive a vaccination just yet.

How can I find out when I’m eligible to be vaccinated?

The best source for vaccination information is your state health department. The CDC has a web page with vaccine information for each state. Go to “How Do I Get A Vaccine?” and select your state or territory from the drop-down menu.

If I’m not eligible for a vaccination yet, how do I keep myself safe during notarizations? 

The NNA urges all Notaries to follow health safety instructions from local and state health officials, wear masks, use hand sanitizer and decline assignments if you or the signer are feeling sick. You can find additional COVID-19 safety tips and resources for Notaries and in these articles:

3 Things Notaries Should Avoid During COVID-19

State Temporary And Emergency COVID-19 Measures Affecting Notaries

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David Thun is the Assistant Managing Editor at the National Notary Association.



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01 Mar 2021

You should balance this with an article about how to avoid any experimental, latrogenic, mandated by government medical device.


01 Mar 2021

I agree Connie there is a ton of good information out there for us to make a better informed opinion and decision.

Phyllis Denison

01 Mar 2021

I got my first as I am 83 and part of the 1B group here in Pima County. As far as comments about vaccines - please - go to the real Experts - the CDC, Dr. Fauci, your local Public Health people. Stop the myths and the nonsense. Wear a mask, wash your hands and please - get vaccinated as soon as you can where ever you live.

Dan R Petherbridge

01 Mar 2021

It seems like everyone thinks they are essential. It all has to do with risk. In the beginning I stopped doing signings as I am over 65 and wasn't going to risk it. This is supplemental income for me, fortunately. Once we knew more, I began doing closings again and followed the recommendations; wearing a mask, washing/sanitizing hands and keeping my distance. I also volunteered to be one of the trial people for the Oxford Astra-Zenca. It was a blinded study and since I am now eligible for the other vaccines, I was unblinded just today and found I did get the vaccine vs. a placebo. However, I will continue to take all the precautions that I have been doing all along.

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