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Notary Bulletin

What color ink should Notaries use to sign documents?

I know the seal must be in black ink, but what color of ink is required for handwritten signatures when notarizing an Illinois Document?W.P., Illinois

There is no requirement that the Notary’s signature must be in a particular color. In July 2013, a law that required a Notary Public to only sign in black ink was repealed.

Hotline answers are based on the laws in the state where the question originated and may not reflect the laws of other states. If in doubt, always refer to your own state statutes. – The Editors

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LOIS B Moore

03 Feb 2021

Very helpful information

Karen J Schettler

08 Feb 2021

Sometimes, a attorney will provide a cover letter, requiring "blue" ink. I have encountered this twice this year.

Trish M.

08 Feb 2021

I sign everything in purple. It serves as a bit of an authenticator....if anyone ever has a document with my signature in any color but purple, it is not real!


08 Feb 2021

I usually try to sign in blue so I can easily identify an original vs. a copy.

Miguel Hipolito

08 Feb 2021

So far to date, I have not encountered any signing where it required "black ink". To this day every assignment was been done in BLUE.

payal shah

08 Feb 2021

I am using Blue pen.


08 Feb 2021

Texas "prefers" signatures be in blue ink. This is to more easily detect fraudulent documents. Makes sense to me, and it makes reviewing/proofing the docs easier because I look for the blue sigs/dates on each page.


08 Feb 2021

I sign and request that everyone signs their signature in Blue Ink. It makes it easier to tell the original from the copy and if there are any changes .


08 Feb 2021

I only use blue pens. It is so much easier to authentic an original.

Lucy Park Newton

09 Feb 2021

I always advise signers that it is "helpful" if they sign in black ink because since I record documents electronically with the county recorder (Indiana), a number of times the blue ink has been so light that it is illegible and the document was rejected. I prefer to write with blue ink for the same reasons others have stated here, but black ink is more legible on electronic documents.

Linda Eureste

10 Feb 2021

This is very helpful Rhonda didn’t know that about Texas in Blue ink is better.

Andrea Hudson

11 Feb 2021

I use both. I've come across the request to use either black or blue on Notary Instruction sheets in closing packages. However, when not dictated, I use blue and the reason I do so, is because when you use blue on an ordinarily black printed document, whoever has an interest in the document(s) knows that it is not a copy.

Jacqueline Lewis

13 Feb 2021

I always use blue ink, it makes it easier to identify original from copy.

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