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How do I record Signing Agent fees in my Notary journal?

When conducting a loan signing in Texas, it is my understanding that I will be notarizing several documents in the loan package. I will enter each of those documents separately in the journal. However, I'm being paid a flat rate fee for the signing. Should I just note the flat fee in the journal, or does it have to be broken out in some manner?T.O., Texas

The fee you receive from the signing company is not a notarial fee that is recorded in the journal. The flat fee covers all you do as a Signing Agent, including notarizing signatures on closing documents. As a result, you aren’t charging for the notarizations you perform. You can record “0” in the fee column of your journal and make a note that you were paid a flat fee for a loan signing on that date. Make sure you keep separate business records of all the invoices and payments for loan signings you perform.

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Lisa Anita Ford

18 Jan 2021

Excellent information you have provided thanks so much for your kindness.

Fredrick Dukes

18 Jan 2021

I asked this same question to an IRS enrolled agent on a you tube channel that if I did a loan signing for say a $100 and there were 3 notarial acts ( Florida allows $10 per notarial ) could I take $30 out as notarial fees and $70 as signing fees in my journal. Every signing document have different amount of notarizations and different travel distance so they pay flat rate. Thanks

Francisca Leon

26 Feb 2022

I’m confused now because according to notary gadget the video explaining the “portion of net income from notary public fees” found under profit and loss report. He states if we get paid for a signing that’s $80, and we stamp 10x which in TX notary fee is $6 therefore according to him I would enter $80 for signing fee and under notarial section I would enter $60. First time filing this type of income. I’m unsure where to get my answer.


21 Nov 2022

Would this be the same advice for a CA notary?

National Notary Association

13 Dec 2022

A California journal should include only fee’s for the notarization and no other activity. Generally speaking, since fees paid to an NSA are not broken down into separate categories, Notaries Public enter “none” into the journal when performing a loan closing.


19 Jan 2023

Do Notarys charge a fee for signing their journal in addition to the fee charge for signing documents in California?

National Notary Association

23 Jan 2023

Hello. No, California Notaries are not authorized to charge a person for signing a Notary's journal entry.

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