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Signing Agent tip: How to make more than $50 per loan signing

Updated 9-7-21. One of the greatest challenges Notary Signing Agents face is finding a way to make more than a $50 fee per loan signing appointment.

The simplest way to get higher fees is to go directly to the title officer, escrow officer or other mortgage professional. When you do this, you get to keep 100% of the fee (instead of splitting it with the signing service).

As part of my video presentation for NNA 2020 Online, I described 3 simple steps for bypassing the signing service and going directly to the mortgage professional:

  • Step 1: Understand Who Works for Who
  • Step 2: Know What to Say
  • Step 3: Meet and Repeat

Here’s what you need to know.

Signing services vs. mortgage professionals

Signing services can be helpful, especially when you first start your NSA career. The benefit of getting loan signing jobs from signing services is they do the marketing for you, so you simply have to accept the assignment when you receive a text message. It’s the easiest way to get loan signing jobs.

However, one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a Notary Signing Agent is to only get your loan signing assignments from signing services.

Because signing services act as a middleman between you and mortgage professionals, the signing service takes a portion of the fee and gives you the remaining portion. So you will get a much lower fee than stated in the closing documents.

By getting loan signing assignments directly from the escrow officer, title officer, or other real estate professional to get your loan signings directly from the source. And you get the entire fee.

By going directly to the mortgage professionals, you will be able to increase your fees by 25 percent to 100 percent.

How to get direct loan signing assignments in 3 simple steps

So now the question becomes, how do you get direct loan signing assignments? I teach my students three simple steps to getting loan signing assignments.

Step 1: Understand who works for who

Most NSAs think that the best way to get loan signing jobs directly is to approach the escrow or title officer. However, there is a better way. The key is knowing who works for who in the real estate industry.

While escrow officers have the ability to give you loan signing jobs, they court another real estate professional to get more business: the real estate agent.

For this reason, escrow officers will listen to the real estate agent’s recommendations when it comes to selecting an NSA. In other words, the agent can ‘force’ a signing.

This is good news for you because we all know a real estate agent or know someone who knows a real estate agent.

Step 2: Know what to say

Once you find a real estate agent to approach, you simply need to know what to say to them for them to want to select you as their Notary Signing Agent for their next home closing.

The key to approaching mortgage professionals for more loan signing jobs is simple: Focus on their needs, not yours.

Simply explain how you can help them provide a better experience for their clients. Talk about how detail oriented you are so there won’t be any delays in closing, and discuss a few more key points that can help their business grow. Do this and you will find success in approaching them for direct closings.

Step 3: Meet and repeat

Every good marketing effort relies on repetition, so simply apply the law of numbers by meeting with as many real estate professionals as you can and repeat your script to help them with their business. And then follow up with them.

Breaking the escrow officer myth

Many NSAs think it’s nearly impossible to get signings directly from mortgage professionals because they already have a group of Signing Agents they work with. That’s one of the biggest myths in the loan signing industry.



In fact, nearly 70% of my students are getting at least some of their direct signing jobs after having more than one year of experience.

Escrow officers usually work with 5 to 10 NSAs at a minimum because the Signing Agent industry is an ‘on-call’ business. Meaning signing appointments come in at various times throughout the day. So the NSAs an escrow officer works with may not always be available, and having some back-up notaries are always helpful.

Mark Wills of Loan Signing System is a Notary educator, a mentor to more than 4,000 Notary Signing Agents and a Forbes Real Estate Council Member. For more information on how to market your loan signing agent business, please go to


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Barb Patton

27 Jul 2020

Why is this covering my NNA Email?

National Notary Association

27 Jul 2020

Hello. If you are having a problem viewing a Bulletin article, please contact us at with a description of what is happening and we will try to assist you in resolving the issue.


27 Jul 2020

This marketing ploy is not helpful and is misleading. Really the best way to get more than $50 is to have the NNA actually advocate for Signing Agents to be paid what we are worth. Signing Companies take most of the fees in some cases and offer insulting low fees to prep docs print, print, travel, sign, scanback and drop off docs all for $75. They charge the title company a minimum $175 and pay us $75. So the real elephant in the room is NEVER addressed by the NNA. Please stop hustling new signing agents with these marketing ploys.

National Notary Association

27 Jul 2020

Hello. Federal law prohibits the NNA from hosting discussions among signing agents to set specific fees that could be construed as price-fixing. For more information, please see this previously published article where we address this question:


27 Jul 2020

What about re-fi's which are 95+% of my business?

Renee Spencer

27 Jul 2020

This article was great info and Mark is an awesome teacher and coach. I definitely recommend the LSS.

Will Kingsbury

27 Jul 2020

Great article!!

Robin Schmidt

27 Jul 2020

Mark Wills and the loan signing system are amazing!!! What Mark says is spot on in this article. The best LSA training program out there!

Jennifer Cappola

27 Jul 2020

Great advice! I have been working on my notarial career for a month now. Can't wait to seriously apply the things I've learned in this article.

Audra Siu

27 Jul 2020

Great lessons in this article! So much helpful information to help you understand the bigger picture and how to make it happen for you! Thanks, Mark! Thank you, NNA! Let’s goooo!!! 😊


27 Jul 2020

Excellent information! Mark is the ONE guy to turn to!


27 Jul 2020

I love the tip about going to a real estate agent and marketing to them . Because who doesn’t know a real estate agent right? Awesome information as always Mark, truly appreciate how much you want to help us succeed !!


27 Jul 2020

What about re-fi's which are 95+% of my business?

27 Jul 2020

I just completed the NNA certification in the last couple of weeks. I'm now taking the LLS course. I can say both educational needs are meeting product/service and marketing knowledge milestones. If you want an enhanced marketing approach and leapfrog your journey, then the LSS is worth its weight. Both are professional organizations so if you are considering either or both, I have no regrets. Ask me again in a few months.

Geoff Westerlund

27 Jul 2020

This is a phenomenal article from a great coach and mentor. Every LSA should be following what Mark Wills says. He is definitely the go-to guy for marketing yourself as a loan signing agent. There is no way I could have built the business I did. When I was starting out I was only averaging about $70 (which is still good money, but as the article states, you can do better) now i average about $120 per signing and get about 60-70% of my business directly from escrow/title offices. I haven't even begun to target the other people he mentions in the video, but I imagine if I did I could boost my amount of signings and percentage of directs even more. I mean it though. Go follow what Mark Wills has to say. It's really not that scary to talk to others in the title industry. You just have to realize they are people, too. Thanks to Mark's Loan Signing System and the NNA, I have built a successful loan signing agent business. Pay attention to what these experienced guys and gals have to say and you will be successful.


27 Jul 2020

Great article love the charts!

Kelly Wozney

27 Jul 2020

Thank you for sharing! Very clear information I can take and do immediately.

Cheryl Castillo

27 Jul 2020

Easy to follow steps to ensure that we get paid what we are worth. Thank you!

Matthew Redard

27 Jul 2020

Boom! This is the truth folks. Don’t ignore what Mark says here.

Abdullah Nabulsi

27 Jul 2020

Because of Mark and his great mentoring and teaching, I am able to make 10K a month part time. This is my third month as an NSA. I average $175/signing. The article is a great source of information. Learn it, live it and love it!!!!

Kimberly Thompson

27 Jul 2020

Very informative and helpful

Will Kingsbury

27 Jul 2020

Great article!!


27 Jul 2020

Great tools and ideas, hoping to get my business rolling soon!

Lori Gerhart

27 Jul 2020

I appreciate all the skills that Mark Wills teaches in the LSS course. The NNA has also been very helpful.

Rogelio Rosales

27 Jul 2020

Mark wills has completely changed my life for the better. What is on this article is only the tip of the ice. He not only teaches how to be a better signing a gent but also puts you in a better mindset to quickly excel in your journey.

Chevon Stockwell

27 Jul 2020

I think highly of Mark's training so this is a method I'm currently working on. Great information as always Mark.

Tracey Thomas

27 Jul 2020

I've been a NSA for a lil more than 2 months now. I am so grateful for Mark creating the LSS training course as it has launched my business off the ground. After learning so much before diving in, I am much more confident in marketing myself and not depending on anyone to work "my business". You must also have the right mind set in order to be successful. Thank you Mark and the NNA for what you do!


27 Jul 2020

The LSS works!!! Thank you Mark for this couching!!

Jere Mebane

27 Jul 2020

Excellent article. I can definitely see where this information will pay dividends. This makes total since. Thank you Mark for an awesome course and article.

Darlene Lowe

27 Jul 2020

Great article. Love all the help you give to help build our businesses!


27 Jul 2020

This was such helpful and insightful information to learn. I am so thankful for Mark's knowledge and guidance in becoming the best signing agent I can be!


27 Jul 2020

Excellent article very on point piece of information. Mark really knows this business. The rest is up to each individual.


27 Jul 2020

Awesome article and spot in information. As an LSS student, I cannot than make enough for the amazing training and coaching he offers in his course. With the NNA and Mark's LSS course and training in your corner, you simply cannot fail.


27 Jul 2020

Thank you for sharing this article packed with great information. Mark Wills is absolutely correct, signing services are a great way to start but if you are looking to make this a career, marketing directly to real estate agents and escrow officers is a great strategy that works!

Joe Maniwan

27 Jul 2020

Great article!

Rebecca Bantau

27 Jul 2020

Excellent article. Mark Wills is an excellent advocate for the loan signing agent industry. My first loan signing was 03/17/2020. I have applied Mark's suggestions for obtaining direct business and I now have three different title companies that I regularly do work for. I saw comments that this article was a hussle and to stop baiting new loan signing agents with this message of obtaining direct business. I am one of THOUSANDS that are doing just that. I am consistently making between $3,000-$4,000 per month working part-time. Title companies have more work right now than they can handle. They would be overjoyed to have a loan signing agent contact them to help them close more loans. Just gather your courage and try. You will not be disappointed!

Imelda Cano

28 Jul 2020

Great and vuable information! There is no way I would feel as confident as I do being a loan signing agent without the information in this article and what I have learned with LSS.

Paulette Grant

28 Jul 2020

Thanks for the great advise Mark Wills. I am a new Signing Agent, and I find this information to be really helpful. I can’t wait to go direct. Will definitely be approaching these real estate professionals so I can take my business to the next level. Thanks Mark, great article!

Michael Moore

28 Jul 2020

Great Information in this article!! Mark Wills thank you for compiling a solid strategy for new LSA’s to become comfortable learning the information but more importantly, the encouragement given to us when we apply successful steps in the field is truly genuine. Thank you again Mark for putting together such an amazing system!!!

Andrik Karapetyan

28 Jul 2020

Great read!! If you are a Notary Public or a Signing Agent or have the intention to be one, I highly suggest following Mark Wills. There is no better mentor to lay down the path for you on how to become a successful Signing Agent, or if you are already in the business, he can take you to the next level. Take this advice from me, last year this time I was unemployed looking for a job. Today, this is the best job I have ever had thanks to Mark’s guidance. Look up Loan Signing System that Mark teaches, I promise you won’t regret it.

Kellie Evans

28 Jul 2020

Great article. Very informative and helpful. Thank you Mark Wills!


28 Jul 2020

The system that Mark Wills teaches is helping me a mother of 2 kids who works a full time job make change that can better support my family

May Cauley

28 Jul 2020

Mark is the absolute best at training notaries to become notary signing agents and creating profitable small businesses stones are unturned in his courses and they are 2nd to none

Wendy Alburez

28 Jul 2020

Great article, excellent información what else to expect coming from Mark one of the best in the field.


28 Jul 2020

Truth! Work hard. Great article, this guy gets it!

Roberta Forney

28 Jul 2020

Great insight! Thanks for the practical breakdown. Very helpful!

K Sarite

28 Jul 2020

The best marketing tips in the game! LSS!


28 Jul 2020

As always Mark is spot on!! I’ve learned so much from him and my business has taken off. He really is the best in the business.


28 Jul 2020

I was more than skeptical at first. After taking Mark Wills advice even when it seemed counterintuitive, I've seen first hand how his techniques work. In less than a year, my business is now 95% direct and I average over 10k+ a month. Mark has changed my life and I'm forever grateful!!!!

Affilonia Barksdale

29 Jul 2020

I love the details shared in this article by Mark Wills. He connects the dots so well on how to grow your loan signing business revenue for me. I couldn't stop taking notes.

Joanne Hillebert

29 Jul 2020

Awesome advice and program! Mark is “teaching us to fish so we can eat for a lifetime” I’m still a newbie in it but enjoying this new journey and excited for the future !

Guy Tracy

29 Jul 2020

Great article by a NSA that has been there and done that. Mark’s LSS course is a great follow-up to the NNA certification course. Mark is not only a NSA but also a great teacher!

Sherri Hager

29 Jul 2020

LSS training absolutely prepares you to excel in this business. I have passed all subsequent trainings/certifications on the first try and have worked with closing attorneys who are not as organized or skilled at explaining to borrowers what they are signing. Sound investment


29 Jul 2020

Knowledge. Once I became a notary I educated myself by taking the LSS course and then applying it to my life. Because I became educated in all things Lon Docs and with Mark’s help and guidance, I no longer get offers under $100 for a loan signing assignment. I attribute this to knowledge. I stand out because of it and with experience, my name is out there and I get called for more assignments. Educate yourself in what you’re doing and you’ll hit a level of success beyond money.

Crystina Lindoerfer

29 Jul 2020

This article is a perfect summary of the LSS system that Mark teaches! He is absolutely right about the process, how much you can make and who to go to! I have taken his course and am now a full time signing agent making upwards of 10k monthly! This article is an accurate and excellent demonstration of the fount of knowledge Mark has that he is determined to share with others!

Jen Basik

29 Jul 2020

This is valuable information! LSS agents provide a valuable service where they have been taught to pay extra attention to detail.

Linda Fluegel

29 Jul 2020

Mark knows what he's talking about and his students reap the benefits of his teaching/course/mentorship. Those who are frustrated just don't know what they don't know. Go LSS!

Andreka Johnson

29 Jul 2020

Mark knows his stuff! Thanks for publishing such valuable information! I don’t think I’d be as confident as I am today without the loan system system that he teaches.

Kimberly Lambright

29 Jul 2020

Great info! Mark Willis and the loan signing system are the real deal!

Heidi Maldonado

29 Jul 2020

Great article, very informative!!

Mayra Dube

30 Jul 2020

EXCEPT in Connecticut which is an attorney state. So attorneys close loans. I am also a Realtor Broker and I have absolutely no say in who closes the loan. The clients get their own real estate attorney. NO NOTARY. IF a signing agent is closing a refi an attorney needs to be on the phone for the closing. Again a real estate agent is not involved in CT as far as that goes. So in this article is should state CHECK WITH YOUR STATE!!

Tamarah Taylor

03 Aug 2020

Thank you Mark for a clear and concise formula for success! Taking your LSS course has revolutionized my business!

Vanessa Brown

08 Aug 2020

I agree. Initially, getting signings through agencies is a good way to gain experience. Great to know that, NSAs can branch out and earn higher fees. Love these bulletins!

Francesca Green

31 Aug 2020

Very informative article that highlights the core principles outlined in Mark’s LSS training.

22 Sep 2020

What about the seller or buyer asking real estate agent or loan officers to use you as their notary. Become part of the listing contract

Ivonne Santos

08 Jan 2021

Very informative video and Mark Wills excitement and motivation is contagious!

Blanca M.Barrantes

11 Jan 2021

I would like to know what I can report when doing my taxes. Thank you, \Blanca

National Notary Association

13 Jan 2021

Hello. Some general information for Notaries about income tax can be found here: However, every person’s tax situation can differ and if you have specific questions about your income tax situation, please contact the IRS or a qualified tax advisor.


12 Jan 2021

Keep this type of content coming, NNA!

24 Jan 2021

I'd like to know if anyone in Northern VA has taken this class and whether you have benefited from it.

Raymond Edward Rosewell

05 Mar 2021

I know and work with a lot of Real Estate agents in the Chicago area and have discussed with them the possibility of doing closing for them and all them reply we have no say so its up to the mortgage or title company. What would you advise with a situation like this.

D.E. Franklin

23 May 2021

How much does the Signing Service make per signing from the Escrow, mortgage, Title or other companies?


12 Jul 2021



12 Jul 2021

Excellent information!!!


12 Jul 2021

Hello I'm interested in taking the part of your class about marketing. I already am very familiar and have taken classes on how to perform loan signings. Would you be able to give me information on the portion without having to pay for the complete course which includes performing loan signings? If I'm not wrong I understand that there is an option as such. Would you please clarify. I did take your 1 hour free seminar. so please do not invite me to that again since he did not answer this specific question the last time I attendant.

Janet Upshaw

13 Sep 2021

How do you get past the loan and escrow officers when they say they use Snap Doc's?

Deborah Larsen

13 Sep 2021

Hi, I am also a Real Estate agent and I don't know a single agent or broker that recommends Signing Agents.

James Newberry

13 Sep 2021

Make sure when you make direct contact with a lender or escrow officer, that you are not violating the terms of any agreement you have signed with a signing service. Some of these agreements do not allow you to market your services to their customers.

Justin Clancy

13 Sep 2021

Good in theory but a few objections 1. With minimal listing inventory purchases represent a small segment of the signings available. Most signings coming through are refinances so no real estate agent, i guess you could imply this technique to a LO officer but they are a completely different breed. 2. Respa prevents you from enticing loan agents or escrow officers with any incentives such as coffee, gift certs, lunches etc. 3. Most escrow companies are owned by Fidelity National Title, they own ticor, lawyers, FNT and chicago…pretty much all the major players aside from first American and North American. FNT owns the largest signing services in the country including bancserv, the escrow companies are usually required to run the signings through their corporate owned signing services. If you’ve tried to be approved as a direct vendor for FNT you know how difficult it is, it took me 2 years. 4. Sure networking with loan agents, brokers, real estate agents will help but your best bet to getting work directly is getting in with Escrow/Title officers. Networking with borrowers is also highly effective. I see mark has closed over 4,000 signings. Ive done over 12,000 in 10 years and have earned well over a million dollars in that time. Mark’s assessment is accurate but doesn’t translate to the current environment of affiliations with signing services and escrow companies.

Barbara L Alderson

23 Sep 2021

Hi Mark, Thank you for doing this. The information is very good and encouraging to me. I am just getting my loan signing business set up. I was wondering if you have a document with letter and legal pages so I can test my printer?

Joe Ewing

18 Jun 2022

A little outdated but relevant never the less. As a signing agent I was getting paid $50 a signing in 1998. We didn’t have the on line access to great training back then but we did have mentors. LSA skills transfer well if you want to work the finance department at car dealerships.

09 Jul 2023

Well, this is good, but it misses something. In the Chicago metro area, attorneys seem to be the key. Realtors have nothing to do with signing agents. Rarely, they can request a specific title company, but this is largely dictated by attorneys. The attorneys handle closings along with title companies.

23 Apr 2024

where can i learn to do scan backs plz

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