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USCIS Announces More I-9 Webinars For Notaries Due To Popular Demand

I-9-job-interview-V2.jpgUpdated 4-11-18. Thanks to overwhelming interest from Notaries, USCIS officials have scheduled an additional I-9 webinar in April to answer questions about completing I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification forms.

While the I-9 does not require formal notarization, many Notaries are asked by employers to act as an “authorized representative” for a Form I-9. An authorized representative reviews an employee’s identity documents and then completes a section of the form certifying that the appropriate ID was presented.

However, Notaries sometimes receive contradictory or incorrect instructions from businesses on how to complete an I-9 as an authorized representative. Also, some states, such as California, have restrictions on Notaries acting as authorized representatives. 

The latest series of webinars, entitled “Notaries Completing Form I-9: The Finer Points,” will answer questions and provide Notaries with helpful information about completing I-9 forms. The webinar will be presented on the following date:

  • April 18, 1 p.m. Eastern Time

Notaries can log in to the webinar 15 minutes prior to start by clicking the link provided by the NNA, dialing (866) 928-2008 and entering the access code 205 493 0025.

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association. 

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Amelia Mclellan

03 Feb 2018

I find it very important and such a great support from you to have these kind of information available for all of us, we as a team appreciate the constant updates and learning opportunities to keep up with the Law and protecting others and ourselves from errors etc. The constant information, training and mentoring opportunities are great tools for us to be successful. I thank you.

Maria Steffel

06 Feb 2018

Interested on the webinar for March 8


17 Apr 2018

I would like to do more of these. Does anyone have names of companies to apply with? Thank you for the training opportunity.


18 Apr 2018

Will this be available to watch after, as I clearly missed it.

National Notary Association

19 Apr 2018

Hello! We are working on making a video available to viewers and will post more information when we have updates.

Misty Shook

23 Apr 2018

When is the next I-9 training?

National Notary Association

24 Apr 2018

Hello Misty. The I-9 Webinars have been very popular with Notaries. We are currently looking into posting a recording of the last session to make it available to those who missed it, and will let our readers know as soon as we have more information.

Zeola Carey

08 Oct 2018

Hello. Has the I-9 Webinar been posted for viewing?

National Notary Association

24 Oct 2018

Hello. Not yet, but we will let readers know when it becomes available.

18 Apr 2019

Sorry, just realized that the Webinar was last year. I believe there is still an interest by notaries in this webinar. I just received a call last week regarding an I-9. Will there be another Webinar or a recording of it available?

26 Apr 2019

Hello. There are no new I-9 webinars scheduled at this time. However, there will be an I-9 workshop at the NNA 2019 Conference in St. Louis, May 5-8:

Stacy Benner

10 Jun 2019

6/10/19 Looking for webinar concerning the I-9.

National Notary Association

10 Jun 2019

Hello Stacy. USCIS has not informed us about any new I-9 webinars scheduled at this time, but if we hear of any changes we will let our readers know!

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