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Who are America’s Notaries?

The importance of Notaries can be underscored by a couple simple facts. There is one Notary for every 73 U.S. residents. And there are more Notaries than military personnel, police and firefighters combined.

But who are these Notaries? To find out, the NNA conducted an online survey of our Notary community, and more than 2,500 individuals responded, offering intriguing observations.

In general, the survey revealed a number of interesting facts:

  • The Notary population tends to skew older.
  • 84 percent of Notaries are women.
  • Notaries also are fairly well-educated.
  • A large percentage of Notaries are in their first commissions.
  • Notaries are found in almost all industries and most walks of life.

The infographic below offers a detailed look at America’s Notaries based on the results of the NNA 2017 Notary Census and the companion survey.


Notaries by the Numbers

Download the infographic

Notary by the Numbers infographic thumbnail

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13 Nov 2017

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