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Quiz: Elements Of A Notary Certificate


1. What information goes in the venue section of the certificate wording?

A. The location where the Notary’s commissioned is filed
B. The location of the signer’s home address
C. The location where the notarization takes place
D. The location of the Notary’s business address

ANSWER: C. The venue portion of the certificate (which commonly appears as “State of…” and “County of….”) should always indicate the location where the notarization takes place. 

2. If an acknowledgment certificate reads, “… before me personally appeared _______ …”  whose name goes in the blank space?

A. Your name
B. The name of the person whose signature is being notarized
C. The name(s) of any credible identifying witnesses
D. The name of the person who prepared the document

ANSWER: B. You should enter the name of the person whose signature is being notarized, as that is the person who has appeared in person before you and requested acknowledgment of their signature.

3. The words “subscribed and sworn” in certificate wording indicate that the Notary must:

A. Sign under penalty of perjury in the journal entry that the notarization was completed properly
B. Avoid affixing an ink seal or embosser to the certificate wording
C. Make a copy of the document and deliver it to a courthouse
D. Administer either an oath or an affirmation to the signer

ANSWER: D. The words “subscribed and sworn” in certificate wording indicate that the signer must make a binding promise of truthfulness before the Notary as part of the notarization. Depending on the signer’s preference, the Notary may administer an oath to the signer (a promise of truthfulness made to a higher power) or an affirmation (a promise of truthfulness made on the signer’s personal honor).

4. True or False: When affixing a seal impression to a certificate, be sure not to cover any text or writing with the seal.

ANSWER: True. If a seal or stamp covers writing on the document, the document may no longer be legible, leading to possible rejection by a receiving agency. Always be careful not to cover any text when affixing your seal.

5. True or False: When you print or sign your name on certificate wording, it should always match the name appearing on your Notary commission.

ANSWER: True. When you print or sign your name on certificate wording, the name you write must exactly match the name on your official Notary commission. Don’t leave out or add an initial or middle name to your signature or use a nickname if it doesn’t match your commission name on file.

David Thun is an Associate Editor at the National Notary Association.


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michelle norton

27 Mar 2017

thank you very much. This was extremely helpful/

Marcel Joseph

27 Mar 2017

good quiz

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john no

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Esther Stepien

28 Mar 2017

Very helpful. Great quiz to help refresh your memory, especially, if you do not notarized documents on a daily basis.

betsy campos

30 Mar 2017

good refresher

Virginia covey

31 Mar 2017

I did good

Geraldine Spreng

11 Apr 2017

Fun little quiz.

Vicki Nott

13 Apr 2017

Let's have more


24 Apr 2017

Good excellent refresher

Mary Coca

07 Nov 2017

Excellent Quiz very refreshing

john mcelhenny

26 Mar 2018

I like doing the Quiz it helps to keep in mind what to do


10 Apr 2018

Very helpful, thank you.

Yolanda Vazquez

10 Apr 2018

Keeps me polished. Thank you!

Monica H

24 Aug 2019

Thanks so much for these quiz it really do help to build up confidence and to just have a refresh.

Pat Claude

21 Jan 2022

Thank you, need that little quiz it was very helpful, with me becoming a new notary


30 May 2022

Thank you, this is very helpful

Betty Moss

16 Aug 2023

Good refresher


19 Aug 2023

Great quiz refresher... Keep up the great work!

Stephanie Lynn Mitchell

25 Aug 2023

Great refresher!

Maria Lozada

02 Jul 2024

Excellent Quiz

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